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40K BIG FAQ: Issues We Want To See Addressed

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Apr 3 2019

The BIG FAQ is looming for Warhammer 40,000 – but what’s going to be inside? We’ve got a few things we’d like to see. Let’s chat.

Games Workshop was wisely waiting to see the results at Adepticon before they dropped the BIG FAQ on the community. We know it’s on the way as it’s probably only a week or two away at this point.

Looking at the current state of the game, we started to ask ourselves: So what are they going to address in the FAQ? Is the game in a pretty good spot right now (at least rules wise) or are there some glaring issues that need to be addressed? We had a handful of issues we’d like to see talked about – so let’s shine the light on them.

Note: The BIG FAQs do NOT address points changes – unless there is a misprint (looking at you CSM: Obliterators). If you’re expecting a bunch of points changes in the FAQ, get ready to be disappointed.

Flyers And Bases

An interesting issue has come-up with armies that use a ton of flyers. Because flyers cannot be assaulted by non-flying units, players have been using Flyers (specifically their bases) to corral their opponents in unintended ways. You can’t assault over the flyer’s bases and therefore must go around them. This can create a pretty big buffer zone around the base of the flyers. This is a thorny situation because of a rules interaction and we’d like to see some clarity on the issue. If GW is willing to fix Jump Infantry’s assault moves, we’re hopeful they will take a look at flyers acting like ground blockers instead of like air support.

The Knight Castellan

The Knight Castellan has become the boogeyman for this current edition. More than capable of dealing game-altering firepower in a single turn, this single model has really made it’s presence felt in Warhammer. GW already took a few swipes at it’s dominance with some changes to the stratagems it has access to last go around. But the Castellan is still holding strong. It might be time to re-evaluate the Super-Heavy detachment and adjust the CPs yet again.


We’re not sure how they can address this one but, we think for the over-all health of the game, something has to be done to bring the Castellan back in line with the rest of Warhammer 40,000.

Adjusting “Like” Stratagems

There are a few stratagems across the game that do very similar things but have vastly different CP values. Or, in some cases, one version can only be used once per game while a slightly different version can be used until you’re out of CPs to spend on it. We think that should be changed. We get that there are a LOT of stratagems now and it’s hard to keep track of them all – but that doesn’t mean we should throw our hands up and stop trying. We’d like to see GW at least acknowledge that there are some “like” stratagems out there and create some parity between their CPs and their uses-per-game.

Beta Bolter Rule

The Bolter Discipline rule is still technically in a beta phase. We’d like to see if it made the cut or if GW is going to adjust it further. Personally, I think it’s a strong adjustment for Rapid Fire Bolters in general but I’d like to see the other bolter types get something similar. Auto Bolt Rifles, Stalker Pattern Bolters, Bolter Carbines, and the 3 new bolters that Vanguard Primaris Marines in Shadowspear have are all indirectly impacted by this rule. What’s the point of having all these other variants of Bolters when there is clearly a “top dog” option.


There are more issues around that we hope GW address but we want to hear from YOU. Let us know some of the things you’d like to see GW address with the BIG FAQ in the comments. Just remember – the FAQ is not where points adjustments happen! That’s what Chapter Approved is for.



Bring on the FAQ!

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