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40K: BIG FAQ Means to Shake Up the Game

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Apr 17 2019

The BIG FAQ is imminent and early word says GW intends to shake things up in a big way. Here’s the latest:

The next BIG FAQ is just around the corner, with Adepticon safely behind us. With just a few days left, we dont know the nitty gritty details of what is in it, but the broad brushstrokes have made their ways into the interwebs. Here is what we are hearing:

GW Will make a lot of changes to the 40K meta with this one. They have been carefully monitoring what is being used in Matched Play, and are stepping in to smooth things out.

Point Changes: Look for point changes to major unbalancing units (Hmmm, I wonder who those could be).  Apparently some units are problematic enough they can’t wait till the next Chapter Approved book.

Soup vs Single Codex: Look for attempts to rebalance soup vs single codex armylists. Soup is clearly dominating the game, and it sounds like GW wants to rein them in a little. I would expect either nerfs to soup lists in some manner, or buffs to single codex lists.

Strategem Fixes: Look for GW to step in and do something about the handful of stratagems that games can balance upon.  Stratagems are supposed to be minor and flavorful in-game perks, not things that can ensure victory singlehandedly.

Keywork Fixes: Again, some of the keywords in the game are destabilizing, and GW will step in to modify these (perhaps not for the first time) to try to stop abuses, and rules-lawyer shenanigans.

~I can think of several examples of each of these. Which offenders do you think are about to get hit with the nerfbat?



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