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40K BREAKING: NEW Ynnari Rules Teased

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Apr 28 2019

The Ynnari are coming, and we’re just trying to remember how many lanterns to hang in the Old North Church steeple if it’s “via a White Dwarf rules preview.”

That’s right folks. The Ynnari are back, and they’ve brought with them a host of new rules for Aeldari, be they Craftworld, Drukhari, or Harlequin of origin. These space elves follow the Whispering god, Ynnead, who offers them great strength from death, which coincidentally is the name of their special rule, previewed below. What things do the Ynnari have in store? We know they’re getting new stratagems, warlord traits, and relics–plus some nifty new rules to accompany their Index update/rerelease. So come and take a look!

via GW

It all starts in May, with the release of the new White Dwarf and the Ynnari Index (or Yndex) hidden within its pages.

But we got more than just a glimpse of the cover. There’s also two pages from the Ynnari Index on display! Take a look at these enhanced images of some of the Ynnari article:


First we’re treated to some lore about the Ynarri and how they came to be as well as what the current factions are up to. The Ynnari are big with Exodites and testing well with some of the other Aeldari factions, so it seems like they’re ready to be included in whatever army list you decide to build as long as it’s Ynnari-themed.

The other thing is there’s apparently a big change to the way Soul Burst action works.


Now it looks like Strength From Death lets you Fight first in the Fight Phase no matter what, and if you already had that, gain an extra +1 to hit rolls in melee combat.

And that’s all there is to the ability–at least before we have a chance to learn what any of their stratagems and relics do. Surely there’ll be something that capitalizes on it–but for now, it looks like the Ynnari are in for a bumpy ride…

What do you think of the new rules?

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