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40K Lore: Trazyn The Infinite’s Collection

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Apr 20 2019

Trazyn the Infinite has quite the collection of “items” in his collection. Take a look at what the ultimate collector has in his vaults.

When it comes to hobbies in the Grimdark, Trazyn the Infinite has one of the most awe-inspiring. It’s both awesome and awful at the same time as he has the ability to collect holographic events – but these aren’t just sculptures. His Prismatic Galleries are full of conscious living beings transmuted into the holographic events themselves! And that’s just one part of his collection. He also has a multitude of other rare and priceless items in his collections. Here’s a short list:

The Prismatic Galleries

  • The last high council of Idharae Craftworld
  • An exhibit showcasing the massacres on Tragus
  • A warband of orks attacking an unknown blue-shelled invertebrate xenos species
  • The catacombs of Calth during the Underground War
  • An exhibit labeled the “Death of Lord Solar Macharius” which is one-tenth composed of Imperial Guardsmen who are 300 years from the wrong time period

Items Of Note

There are quite a few mysteries in his collection. He’s even had to unleash a few of them when Cadia was destroyed. It would be quite the fertile ground for lore and story developments if a few of those items happened to escape. Can you imagine a LOYAL Fulgrum Clone re-emerging? And who do you suppose the giant man in Baroque Power Armor could be? And could the massive Krork be the key for Orks to get their own version of Primarchs? Oh what could be…

If you’re curious about how Trazyn got a hold of these items then check out the Lexicanum for more!

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