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40K: No New Berzekers? No Problem

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Apr 4 2019

Games Workshop still hasn’t updated the Khrone Berzerker kit – but that won’t stop me from converting my own!

I was really hoping that with this new wave of Chaos and the Blades of Khorne release we’d see some new Khorne Berzerkers. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Regardless, I’m diving back into my World Eater roots and putting together a Chaos force. After the return of Abaddon’s fantastic new model I just can’t resist the siren’s call any longer. And while Abaddon is clearly a Black Legion model, that doesn’t mean I can’t run some Berzerkers – and this time around I might even paint them up in Black Legion colors (with some blood red shoulder pads mixed in for good measure).

That said, I still think GW should come out with a new Khorne Berzerker kit, eventually. But in the mean time, I’ve been poking around the GW site and there are lots of options if you’re looking to convert your own. Honestly, I got inspired by the Warhammer Community article yesterday about using the new Chaos Space Marine kit as a base to convert them. The results actually looked pretty good:

Wade: World Eaters Berzerkers

That’s (mostly) a handful of head swaps and some extra Khrone bits. The majority of those swaps came from the Skullcrusher’s kit, too:

I just so happen to also play Khorne in Age of Sigmar and have a unit of Skullcrushers – at the time, I did head swaps because I’m not a huge fan of the horns on Warriors of Chaos (I cut them all off the models in my army – it’s a theme I have). So I actually have a set of 12 heads to use – but I didn’t want to stop there. While the Skullcrushers are a fantastic kit to start with there is more good news:┬áthe Age of Sigmar Blades of Khorne Range has a TON of bits you can use to do some kit-bashing or straight-up conversion work. Here’s a few more options you can check out.


Skullreapers are a pretty intense looking unit. They are mostly wearing ornate armor from the chest down and have a wide array of axe, blades and cruel-looking relic weapons to choose from. If you’re looking for some “fancy” leg swaps, head swaps, or alternate hand-weapon option you should pillage from this kit!


You will probably end up with a ton of extra Khornate bits you can use to spice up other parts of your army if you’re feeling Khorne-y.

Blood Warriors

If you’re looking to add some additional poses, the Blood Warriors are a great kit to use. They are already hulked-out and ready for simple kit-bashing. Toss on a Khorne or Chaos back-pack, maybe some plasma pistols and bolt pistols from the CSM kit and you’re just about there. These models have been a go to staple for Khorne players for a while now:

They are just the right scale where you can add more “modern” 40k shoulder pads and they look about right. The best part about this particular kit is that it’s all plastic so it’s super easy to work with. They already have the right head gear and ornate armor so if you’re looking to grow your hobby skills, they are a great place to start.

Aspiring Deathbringer

Here is another cool model that is certainly in the right vein. The Aspiring Deathbringer could easily slide right into your 40k army with the addition of a backpack and perhaps a holster bit. It’s yet another easy kit-bash that anyone can do with bits you’ve probably got laying around.


Chaos Space Marines

I feel a little silly mentioning this kit lower down in this article, but honestly, this new box is fantastic for Khorne Berzerker conversions. You get a TON of chaos bits that you’ll want for converting the kits mentioned above. Plus, chainswords and bolt pistols are all over this kit! You could take the basic models and just do head swaps, or if you wanted to get really into it, you could also do more advanced hobby work with greenstuff/cutting and conversion work. They have just enough chaos detail so you know where they stand, but are a “blank” enough canvas that you can really go nuts – this doesn’t just apply to Khorne, either! If you’re looking to spice-up your specific Traitor Specialists, you can 100% use this kit as base to go full hobby beast mode with.

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

If you’re like me, you were really hoping to get some new Khorne Berzerker models. Well, that didn’t happen…But GW has been making a ton of quality replacement/kit-bash options for a while and the community has been making their own for YEARS. Now that Chaos got a face-lift, I’m done waiting on GW to make these models happen. It’s time to raid the bits box and make my own Berzekers! Khorne cares not from where the bits come from, and neither do I!

Don’t think for a second that I haven’t considered Chaosifying some Primaris Marines in to larger, bulkier Berzerkers as well!


Rubric Marines, Plague Marines, Noise Marines – the sky is the limit when it comes to kit-bashing options. What are you tired of waiting on GW to make? KIT BASH TIME!

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