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40K Retro Corner: Index Astartes Vol. II

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Apr 11 2019

The Retro Corner returns from the vault to bring you another relic from days of yore – it’s the Index Astartes Vol. II!

We’ve covered the Index Astartes Vol. I and today we’re diving into the next book in that series – Index Astartes Vol. II:

The Index Astartes II picks up with the 6th-9th legions and contains the background of the The Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Night Lords, Blood Angels. It also goes into more detail about the Grey Knights and Death Watch, the Black Templar’s Chapter, and has an article about the history of Space Marine Chaplains. But perhaps most intriguing is the last article about an mysterious Cursed Founding!

This supplement was produced as a collection of these articles that were originally created for White Dwarf. They were reprinted in the book and players could collect them for the lore of their favorite chapters and also because they had rules in them for a few of those chapters as well.

It’s also fun to look back at these old books and see how the lore has changed. The Deathwatch and Grey Knights, as an example, we basically the same “chapter” as they shared a paint scheme which you can see in the video. However, that was later retconned and they became two distinct parts of the Inquisition – The Daemon Hunting Grey Knights and the Xenos Killing Deathwatch.

If you want to learn more about the Index Astartes, Check out the Lexicanum!

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