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40K: The Emperor’s (Children) New Groove

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Apr 6 2019

The Daemons of Slaanesh are getting a revamp which means it’s time to start guessing what changes are coming for the Emperor’s Children!

Games Workshop likes to do things that lead to other things. For example, when they update a Chaos Daemon range, they tend to also update the associated Traitor Legion, too. Nurgle brought us Death Guard, Tzeentch brought us Thousand Sons. Khorne…Khorne always gets updates anyhow and the World Eaters are ingrained in CSM, but we did get that Khorne Daemonkin of book in previous editions…

Codex: KDK – it was a thing!

However, there has been one pair that has been consistantly overlooked: Slaanesh and the Emperor’s Children. But GW has finally unveiled their new Slaanesh design and we’re really hoping that means the Emperor’s Children are getting some love afterwards!

I didn’t know Slaanesh was into Cirque du Soleil – but it kinda fits.


With a revamp of the Emperor’s Children, they really do have quite a few models we’d like to see show up. So let’s talk about which ones need to get brought back and brought in!

Noise Marines


While we really liked the throw-back model (it’s fun) we would like to see the Emperor’s Children get a unit Noise Marine Box set. Hey, if Rubrics can get a new box and so can the Plague Marines, why not the Noise Marines!? We’d like to see them also have more options than “just” the sonic weapons, too. The other Legion/Cult Troops got some new toys like soulfire and plague weapons – Slaaneshi improvements and options would be thematic and cool for the Noise Marines.


The last time Fulgrim had a model was Epic. He’s been mentioned in the background of other books along with Mortarion/Magnus and they finally showed up. We’re hoping that because we’re getting a new Keeper or Secrets model, that GW will make Fulgrim a full-fledged Daemon Prince Primarch and he’ll be the new center piece model for the Emperor’s Children army!

I mean, if Morthai can be infused with some Slaaneshi residue, why not Fulgrim?!

Fabius Bile

Fabius Bile has been hard at work in the background messing with his Genetic Experiments. He’s had a book series from Black Library – Fabius Bile: Primogenitor and Fabius Bile: Clonelord. Both of those books have come out and he STILL hasn’t gotten a new model. A new Fabius Bile model designed with the new technology could really be amazing – plus it’s one less resin model GW would have to deal with…


Lucius The Eternal

Yet another character that is in desperate need to a modern model. A Plastic Lucius the Eternal could be pretty impressive. That whip could become something really special and the Champion of the Emperor’s Children could become a model that people would actually fear on the tabletop!

Forge World Units?

During the Heresy Era, the Emperor’s Children had a few different units. The Emperor’s Children Legion Palatine Blades Squad and Emperor’s Children Phoenix Terminators are two of the three units for Forge World that actually got models. The third squad was the Kakophoni Squad – but those became the Noise Marines. I don’t see a reason these two units couldn’t get the same treatment and get turned into new Emperor’s Children units for 40k. Hey, if the Thousand Sons and the Death Guard can get new units based on “old” Heresy-era units, why can’t the Emperor’s Children?

Furthermore, the Death Guard also got a ton of cool vehicles that were introduced like the Blightdrone and the Plagueburst Crawler – what’s stopping GW from creating daemon engines for the Emperor’s Children? Especially since we’ve got this fancy new Lord Discordant running around…

This came out of NO WHERE – what else could GW have in mind?


The Emperor’s Children range could be as vast and as expansive as the Death Guard. Considering Fabius Bile has been toying with Clones and Slaanesh Daemons are getting some new toys, who knows what GW could create for the Emperor’s Children!



If GW were to expand the Emperor’s Children – what crazy units would you like to see for them in the future?

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