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40K: Top 5 Xenos Characters That Need New Models

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Apr 9 2019

The Imperium and Chaos are getting all the cool, new models lately – so here’s our list of Xenos we’d love to new miniatures!

Over the years we’ve seen some pretty big named models get reworked as GW has gone back through their catalog and updated key characters and kits. Most recently, Abaddon got a new, fantastic model. And to be fair, he really, REALLY needed it. But there are other kits out there that are also showing their age outside of Chaos or the Imperium. Here are our picks for the Xenos Characters that need to get a new injection of plastic!

All The Aeldari Phoenix Lords


I mean, that’s 6 models – so we’re done already! But seriously we’re just kicking this one off with the most obvious option out there. The are supposed to be the pinnacle of the Aeldari’s Warrior Ways…so can we make their models look that way? A couple of them really just need a larger base but the majority are really showing their age – especially when you run them next to their respective Aspect Warriors. And speaking of the Aeldari…

The Avatar

The Avatar model could use some love. Seriously, he’s supposed to be the Avatar of their God “Murder, Violence, Destruction and War” – so can we get a model that represents that? Back in the day, the Avatar did dwarf a lot of the other characters out there but times have changed.

Where the heck is THAT guy? We want a model that is large and imposing. Not a knock-off Nagash from days of yore:


Seriously, Nagash is the Avatar with a robe, a hair cut, and a staff. You can’t un-see it now.



Ghazghkull Thraka


Oh Ghaz… When GW redid the Orks it would have been a PERFECT time to release a new model. Alas, it was not meant to be. That doesn’t me we’re going to give up – we still want a new Ghazghkull Thraka! Plus, it makes sense with the current story-line as he’s been infused by Gork (or was it Mork?) to hop around the galaxy and simultaneously be at different plants rallying the Orks to his banner. Let’s get a new kit to showcase his new and improved WAAAGH-a-tude!


Necron C’tan Nightbringer & Deceiver

You know, these two aren’t BAD – but I’d love to see them redone with GW’s modern technology and in plastic. I think they have some cool poses for what they were when they were introduced. But because they are C’tan, GW’s sculptors really could go nuts on these models. I mean, we got a taste of what they could look like with the Transcendent C’tan

…hmm, on second thought maybe they could update this model, too. It’s kind of “Basic” and not in a good way. Either that or pump-up the Necron Lords!

Asdrubael Vect

At the risk of making this list all about the Aeldari models, I’m going to go ahead and toss Vect in the mix. It’s odd that the “Supreme Leader” of the Drukhari doesn’t have a model. Who knows…we might see some new version of Vect in the future – one where he’s not in his own personal raider. He is an Archon (sort of). And GW did tease SOMEONE wearing a People-Skin leather tunic…

Archon’s ARE known for their love of exotic leathers…


So who ELSE would you like to see get a new, updated model? Maybe the Red Terror or Swarmlord? What about Commander Farsight or Longstrike? Let us know your picks in the comments!


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