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Age of Sigmar: Blades of Khorne Top 3 Daemon Battalions

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Apr 10 2019

The Blades of Khorne Battletome contains some nasty daemon battalions to take your angry red boys to the next level. Here are my three favorite groups of warp warriors (warpiors? I’ll workshop it) to get the most out of your lists and dominate the tabletop.

Certainly not one to leave all the fun to his mortal followers, Khorne loves to heap blessings onto his favored Daemon children. Try these to please the Lord of the Brass Throne:

Bloodthunder Stampede

So what’s better than angry super strong murder warriors? Angry super strong murder warriors riding bloodthirsty rhinos made of living brass. What’s better than that; the same rhinos being ridden by literal rage daemons with giant swords. The Bloodthunder Stampede is daemon equivalent of the Brass Stampede and is almost a mirror copy, with the exception of the lovely little rule Decapitating Blow. It consists of a Skullmaster and 3-8 units of Bloodcrushers. Just like the Brass Stampede, this allows the mortal wounds from the Juggernaut charges to happen automatically, but it has a lot more fun buried inside. First, while the Hellblade does get less attacks than the Skullcrusher’s weapons, it deals an extra mortal wound on a hit roll of a 6+. In addition, so long as the unit contains an icon bearer, you can return slain models on a battleshock roll of 1. There is not much more satisfying than the look on your opponent’s face when you put that 4 wound behemoth they FINALLY killed right back on the table. This is admittedly a fairly pricey battalion but it’s certainly worth it’s weight.

Gorethunder Cohort

This one is a little bit out of character for Khorne, but that’s what makes it such a good pick. One of Khorne’s major weaknesses is its lackluster shooting phase, and this battalion gives them a real presence that your opponent is very unlikely to expect. It is made up of a Herald on Blood Throne and 3-8 Skull Cannons. Skull Cannons are not the greatest guns in the realms, but when they do hit they can do a serious mess of damage. This battalion helps them do that, allowing all the cannons to re-roll misses so long as they are within 12” of the Blood Throne. If you’re fighting a horde, that’s a re-rollable 2+ shot with -2 rend and d6 damage, and that’s with every cannon. And if your opponent manages to get close, the Grind their Bones rule allows them to make a shot when they kill a model in the combat phase, which ALSO benefits from the battalion’s re-roll rule. To get the most out of this battalion, bunch all your cannons around the Throne and then thunder across the battlefield, laying down your own supporting fire until you run in, wreck a unit, and then shoot some more. This will be most of your army, though, so make sure you have a back up plan in case the battalion folds.


Murderhost is by far the most versatile and straightforward daemon battalion in the book, and as such is perhaps the most useful. It is built from any Bloodletter hero and then 3-8 units of any non-hero daemonic units in any combination. You can pepper in Hounds, Cannons, or whatever else you think you might need, and then tailor the hero you select to be the flavor that can stick with them the most. The battalion ability gives all the units +2 to run and charge rolls while they are wholly within 16” of the unit hero, so you can get your murder monsters downfield much faster. My favorite part though is that, since you can include ANY Bloodletter hero, you can include the combat behemoth that is Skulltaker. Once this guy sets his sights on a hero, it’s pretty much dead. Regardless of how you want to play your daemon horde, this battalion can suit your needs.

~What do you think of our selections? What are some of your favorite Khorne Daemon battalions?


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