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Age of Sigmar: Fyreslayers Forge And Fury

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Apr 11 2019

The Fyreslayers have a new terrain piece that grants them powerful buffs that stack on their already powerful weapons. Here’s a look at how they work.

The Fyreslayers are swinging into battle this next weekend with a new Battletome, new Endless Spell-like effects known as Magmic Invocations, and an overhauled ruleset. One of the biggest new things they have is the Magmic Battleforge.

Which, in addition to bearing a strong resemblance to Dwemer helmets out of Skyrim…

…are powerful hearth-like temples of the Zharrgrim priesthood, summoned onto the battlefield in order to help repair and resupply the Fyreslayer warriors as they venture far afield from their lava-filled homelands. Especially in the wake of the Necroquake, which changed the nature of magic forever in the Mortal Realms, Magmic Battleforges are becoming a more frequent sight no matter which realm you’re battling in.

As you might expect from a giant ur-gold encrusted magic forge, it’s all about providing lava-and-fyre-themed benefits to nearby units. Like most of the faith-based terrain pieces (and make no mistake, this one is all about faith-based-magic) it provides a buff to nearby Fyreslayers priests, giving them a +1 on prayer roll attempts. And once per battle it can be completely used up to give your units a reroll of one on their armor saves.


This is far and away the most active of all the new terrain pieces we’ve seen. Unlike the Gnawholes or even the Skull Altar which just confer their benefits for being around, you have to have someone nearby to “activate” either of the Battleforge’s blessings. Especially the option to “spend” the Forge entirely. Granted, it does have some powerful effects–Spending the Forge does impact each and every unit on the Battlefield. On a key turn could cinch victory even when the odds seem long, especially in conjunction with their other defensive Magmic Invocations

Both the new Battletome and the Magmic Battleforge are available for pre-order this weekend, so be sure to check them out!

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