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AoS: Designing The Dark Prince’s Delightful Daemons

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Apr 26 2019

Servants of Slaanesh should soon celebrate with sinful sibilance–their new models and battletome are out for pre-order tomorrow. But here’s a look at what went into designing these daring new daemons.

Odds are good if you’re looking at this post you’ve seen the new Slaaneshi models by now. In fact, if you looked at the featured image, you’ve seen at least one. But if you haven’t, here’s a brief outline. The new minis have a very graceful look that’s as much performer as it is daemonic deviant ready to slice through droves of enemies with claws and digitigrade legs. Blending elements of the Aeldari/Aelves (because they’re servants of Slaanesh and you are what you eat), these new models are pretty sleek and sultry. Let’s take a look at why that works so well.

via Warhammer Community

It all starts with a list of guideline words given to the miniatures team to aid in how they would shape the look an feel of the new models. Another big part is the performance aesthetic:

Rather than depicting them mid-battle, we wanted the servants of Slaanesh to look proud, enticing, and elegant. The new Masque, for instance, is dancing, which fits their background. We’ve got a dancer on our team, who was kind enough to give us some notes on posing them properly!

We wanted the physique of the models to look distinct, too. Esske was based on Olympic swimmers, to make him look strong without being too barbarous. Likewise, with the Keeper of Secrets, we wanted to strike a balance between it looking lithe and graceful without being too ropey and skinny. It’s still a powerful Daemon, after all!


We wanted the models to have the feel of a festival. Some models – like the attendants of the Contorted Epitome – are dressed like revellers at a party. Shalaxi Helbane’s headdress, meanwhile, makes them look like they’re at a carnival.

The important thing to remember about Daemons is that they don’t have “clothes” as a normal mortal does – anything they wear is as much a manifestation of the will of Slaanesh as they are. The line between where the Daemon ends and clothing begins is deliberately unclear. The stockings, for example, start as clothing, and end up as part of the Daemon itself. We wanted the clothing to give each model its own identity, distinguishing them from each other.

Well that’s a look into the design–be sure and check back over the weekend for more reveals. In the meantime, enjoy–but not too much or Slaanesh will eat you.



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