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AoS: Endless Spells Of Slaanesh

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Apr 25 2019

Slaanesh has some wicked new Endless Spells and a terrain piece that’s positively profane. Come check them out!

The Dark Prince has many gifts for deviant devotees, including three powerful new spells given wicked new life thanks to Nagash and his Necroquake altering the nature of magic. From dark mirrors to ostentatiously spiked wheels (really anything that flenses), Slaanesh has a wealth of new options. Let’s take a look.

 via Warhammer Community 

First up, the appropriately named Wheels of Excruciation, which, in addition to being the favorite Slaaneshi gameshow around the shadowy spires of Slaanesh’s sanctum, are also two devastating obstacles that will slice their way through swathes of enemy minions. The lighter the armor, the more damage you’ll do.

Of course, your own units aren’t immune to this effect, so you’ll need to be careful or your own units might get flensed out of existence. A fitting end, but maybe save that for after you’ve won.

The Mesmerizing Mirror looks pretty amazing. It can kill enemy heroes with aplomb, but the real trick is its ability to help control battlefield positioning. That irresistible lure gives your opponent a hard choice once the mirror is in place. Make those crucial moves cost dearly.


Or if you prefer something more direct, just use a giant face to eat your enemies. Be careful because it might eat you–but if you’re brave enough to get close, you’ll be rewarded with even more bravery.

Then we come to Slaanesh’s sinful scenery, the Fane of Slaanesh aka the Slaaneshi Stargate.

This terrain piece gives you a couple of options. It lets you save on Depravity Points with discount daemons, but then you can also give a little (mortal wounds) to get a little, notably the ability to reroll hits with an attacking hero.

All of these new options are up for pre-order this weekend, so get ready to serve Slaanesh!


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