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40K RUMORS – More on “The Lion” Upcoming Set – And his Foe

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Apr 24

We have more info on that most interesting rumor about “The Lion” and what GW has in store later this year.

Last time we talked about the boxed sets out from GW this past year:


Tooth & Claw – Space Wolves vs Genestealer Cult


Forgebane – Necrons vs Ad Mech


Wake the Dead – Eldar vs Ultramarines



Wrath & Rapture – Slaanesh vs Khorne


Shadowspear – Ultramarines vs CSMs

The Previous Rumors

  • Rumormongers tell us there is a new boxed set of some type coming for 40K.
  • One of the sides is described as “The Lion”
  • The other side may be Imperial!

The NEW Rumors

  • The boxed set is reported to be another one of these boxed sets like the ones above.
  • The Dark Angels are one of the two forces in the box.
  • Look for a new Primaris version of a Dark Angel HQ in the set.
  • More conflicting info on the opposing force says it is either Imperial in nature, or based on the Aquila in some way.



First off, there is no chatter specifically talking Lion El’Jonson, so it looks like “The Lion” is in reference to the chapter, not the Primarch. You can already make a lot of Dark Angel Primaris HQs with the current plastics and the Dark Angels Accessory sprue. These boxed sets have not included named characters, so a generic HQ is most likely for the new mini. I doubt GW would introduce a Primaris biker HQ just for the Dark Angels, but perhaps. Here are the unique HQs the Dark Angels have that could be “Primarisized”

  • Deathwing Command (squad)? – Gravis Armor perhaps?
  • Ravenwing Command (squad)? – Mounted on some bike-like thing?
  • Interrogator Chaplain – probably the easiest.

On the Imperial/Aquila side are a large amount of potential factions, but let’s look at who HASNT appeared in a boxed set recently:

  • Blood Angels
  • Astra Militarum
  • Sisters of Battle
  • Adeptus Custodes
  • Grey Knights
  • Death Watch
  • Assassins
  • Inquisition
  • Sisters of Silence
  • Anyone else with an Aquila

I’ll let you all make what you will of this one – but the implications are intrigueing. both for the new mini possibilities, and for where GW may be leading the narrative arc of 40K.


~ Speculation engines – ENGAGE!


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