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AoS: Hedonites of Slaanesh – Rules Previews

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Apr 22 2019

The Hedonites of Slaanesh are coming next week–here’s a massive look at their new rules. Everything from subfaction rules to endless spells.

Today we have a look at the upcoming new rules for Battletome: Hedonites of Slaanesh. These slithering servants of sin and depravity are Slaanesh’s last best hope for escaping imprisonment in the realm between light and shadow. We’ve got a look at how the new army works. Let’s take a look:

via Warhammer Community

First let’s take a look at the army’s special summoning rule, the appropriately-named Depravity Points.

One of the key principles of the Hedonites of Slaanesh army is the depravity points system. This allegiance ability allows you to summon new units of Daemons to the tabletop by spending these points. You’ll earn a depravity point whenever a model is damaged – but not slain – by a Slaanesh Hero, or such a Hero takes a wound. This applies to mortal wounds in the same fashion, meaning you’ve got even more ways to rack them up.

In addition to the new depravity points mechanics, you’ll also get abilities like the Locus of Diversion, which allows you to try and cause units to fight last.

There’s also the Euphoric Killers army allegiance ability, which can help you hit well above your weight, adding 2 hits instead of 1 when you roll a 6. Or even more if you’re fighting with hordes.


You could also take a look at some of the special subfaction rules (for Slaanesh they’re Hosts), which includes the Invaders, who can use Figureheads of the Dark Prince:

And you can combine the effectiveness of your three generals to cause Escalating Havoc while wielding the Whip of Subversion:

Or there are the Godseekers–who obsessively hunt for Slaanesh and might one day find them. Thundering Cavalcade makes you charge better but also your Godseekers get extra depravity points for charging–so, keep doing it!

The Pretenders are the other Host, they are taking advantage of Slaanesh’s absence to find one of Slaanesh’s spare trench-coats and stand on each other’s shoulders to try and pretend to be the Dark Prince in his absence.


Combine their Command Trait, Warlord Supreme with Strongest Alone, and you’ll be able to send your powerful generals ranging far afield.

We’ve also got their sinister (but not endless) spells:

Slaanesh’s spellbook includes Hysterical Frenzy, Battle Rapture, and Song of Secrets.

We’ll be sure to take a look at some of the Endless Spells and units later this week, so check back!

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