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Boardgames: Mensa Select Winners for 2019 Announced

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Apr 22 2019

After 2 days of nonstop play, Mensa Mind Games judges have picked their winners for the official Mensa Select seal.

Mensa is something of an oddity. They are a self-proclaimed “organization for smart people”, for which they are often mocked.


Regardless of this, the Mensa Select seal is highly regarded.

According to Mensa…

These titles have been awarded the official Mensa Select distinction because each is original in concept, challenging, and well designed. Additionally, these games provide a high value for the price, are easy to comprehend and play, and prove highly entertaining.

In general terms, they are fun, solid games for a good price. While we go over this year’s winners, I want you to know that I’ll be submitting this article as my essay for entry into Mensa, so I’ll be having to ensmarten it.


Let us commence.

Architects of the West Kingdom

In Architects of the West Kingdom, competitors are vying to awe the monarch by fabricating various monuments within their purlieu. They will need to amass paraphernalia and delegate assignment to their proletarians. As they progress, they will have to forgo the urge to sublease swindlers and delinquents.


Gizmos has entrants of the Great Science Fair justifying their equivalence by nimbly fabricating the principal apparatus, nevertheless, there will transpire only one victor. By applying 4 strains of marmoreal spheres from the Energy Dispenser, participants will build new contraptions to enumerate to their appliance. As devices moil off each other, their turns will accelerate until one machine reigns supreme.


In Gunkimono, daimyo scheme their military impetus across the agrarian perimeter. Each contemporary battalion discharges supremacy iotas, but determining to forego these marks to stockpile for your garrison instead is crucial. Ad interim, you need to scrutinize your adversaries, so that their enforcement do not grow too robust and broaden at your expense.



In Planet, disseminate your Sierra ranges and your barren flats, swell your copses, oceans and glacial masses. Cardinally arrange your terrain to configure congenial ambiances for creature life to thrive and endeavor to establish the uttermost inhabited and diversified Planet!

Victorian Masterminds

In Victorian Masterminds, players clutch the portrayal of a malefactor in the penultimate stages of their opulent contrivance to take over the world. The machination for their mechanical monstrosities are masterly, all that’s remnants to do is get the last meager segments required. But exclusively solitary will assert the preeminent station and statute the planet.

Final Thoughts


That wasn’t worth it. Mensa isn’t even all that great, right?

I mean, they also gave it to Snake Oil. So…

Thanks for reading!


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