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FW: The Chaos Warhound Titan Returns

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Apr 22 2019

Forge World is re-releasing the hounds of war. Specifically, the Chaos Warhound! Get ready to bring ruin to your foes.

Coming soon from Forge World, the Chaos Warhound is returning to the Forge World webstore. It’s been missing for awhile now, but it’s poised to return and bring an obscene amount of firepower along for the ride.

via Warhammer Community

In the 41st Millennium, the Chaos Warhound Titan is no less formidable. So, if you’ve jumped on the Chaos bandwagon of late (and frankly, we wouldn’t blame you) but find yourself needing even more firepower than a Havoc squad or Obliterators can provide, then the Chaos Warhound Titan is the answer. Able to be equipped with a mega bolter, plasma blastgun, inferno cannon or turbo laser, the Chaos Warhound Titan can be given the right tool for any target, from massed ranks of loyalist guardsmen to Imperial Knights.

Not only is the Chaos Warhound covered with tons of “blasphemous markings” it also has a really detailed cockpit featuring the traitorous Princeps on their command throne.

With clocking in a 2000 points, the Warhound is “the easiest class of Titan to fit into a Warhammer 40,000 matched play army” according to Warhammer Community. But at that point, it’s basically an army of one, quite literally. It presents itself as a giant target but it can dish out the damage with the best of them!


Funnily enough, the arm weapons of the Chaos Warhound are still currently available on the Forge World Webstore – if you wanted to get a jump on this model. Both the Chaos Warhound Plasma Blastgun and the Vulcan Mega Bolter are available.

So if you’re looking for an amazing center piece model to add to your chaos forces, or if you have always wanted to field a Warhammer titan for the upcoming Apocalypse rules, keep an eye out for the Chaos Warhound Titan!


Welcome back Chaos Warhound – the hunt is on!

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