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L5R TCG: Crane Clan Pack ‘Masters of the Court’ Previews

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Apr 11 2019

The Crane Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings is coming soon and we’re taking a look at some of the cards you can expect in the pack!

When it comes to the power of politics, the Crane Clan stands gracefully at the top. They are known as the left hand of the Emperor and masters of law and diplomacy. While the might not pack the same military might as other clans, their ability to attack in the political theater of war makes them very dangerous opponents. Today, we’re taking a look at their upcoming Clan Pack – and some of the other cards that will be used against them in the court!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Masters of the Court spotlights the Crane Clan with 78 new cards (three copies of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards) for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Here, you can look for an emphasis on the Crane’s skilled Duelists, their well-spoken Courtiers, and their ability to lock down their opponents with powerful conflict cards.

A New Stronghold

The new stronghold Kyūden Kakita is great for the Crane Clan as it allows them to honor characters that participate in a duel. That’s a great way to quickly boost your standing in the court – and buff your characters with the honored status.

New Characters

At first glance, Ashaina Takamori looks like a really awful play. 4 Fate for a character that is a o/o seems….bad. However, his ability is where he earns his keep. When you play a Crane Character, you can choose an opponent’s character with an equal or lower printed cost – that character cannot be declared as an attack or defender this round! You don’t need monster stats when you can lock out your opponents characters from participating. And remember – his ability will immediately trigger on playing himself. You drop this card and you can lock down your opponent’s 4 cost or lower character for at least a turn!

Kakita Yuri is another master of politics who can start a Political duel during a conflict and lock out a character from declaring a military conflict.  Again, you seen that the Crane Clan is adept at preventing their opponent from hitting them where they are weak.


 New Holdings & Attachments

While the Crane Clan might not prefer to participate in military conflicts, that doesn’t mean they can’t – especially once they start tossing out honored tokens thanks to the Distinguished Dojo!

Political Sanctions is a pretty nasty attachment that you can slap an opposing character with. It locks them down from using their own abilities which can really hamper your opponent’s game plan.

Non-Crane Cards

One of the neat things that FFG does with these clan packs is that they include cards for the other clans. These cards typically include direct counter-strategies that are introduced or reinforced within the respective clan pack.


Armament Artisan is actually a neutral card but he works equally well in a crane deck and other decks, too. If you’re looking to focus on the honor mechanic, having a few of these around can certainly help!

Bayushi Dairu is a Scorpion character that allows you to move status tokens around (like those pesky honored tokens). Imagine going into a conflict with this character starting as a 2/2 and then dropping that action to take an opponent’s character’s honor which could swing the conflict by quite a bit!


Yasuki Fuzake is a new Crab Clan character that helps you remove status tokens from other characters when he leaves play. He’s also not too shabby in military or political conflicts!


Kitsuki Jusai allows you to manipulate your opponent’s fate pool – if you can deduce their honor bid correctly and match it. If you place it on a ring you know you’re going to snag, that can really give your resources a boost.




Chukan Nobue is a Phoenix Clan member that helps keep your own cards in your hand. She locks out your opponent from using card abilities that cause you to discard. Not too shabby!

And finally we have Akodo Makoto, a new Lion Clan character. Not only is this thematically fitting (if you are up on the lore of the setting you’ll understand) but, she’s got a pretty mean ability too! She can cause a Courtier character to be discarded after winning conflict – or at least forcing them to lose a fate which would also speed up their removal from the board.

Masters of the Court $19.95

Masters of the Court celebrates all that makes the Crane great. Look for a Stronghold that brings dueling to the forefront, events that surpress your opponent’s options, and courtiers dominating the courts of Rokugan!

Keep an eye out for this Clan Pack in Q2 of 2019!


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