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Arkham Horror LCG: ‘Before The Black Throne’ Announced

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Mar 26 2019

The Sixth and Final Mythos Pack for The Circle Undone has been announced. Are you ready to face the madness?

The Circle Undone’s final Mythos Pack has been revealed and with it brings some new mechanics and challenges for the investigators of Arkham Horror.

via Fantasy Flight Games


Your investigation into the disappearance of four people from a Sliver Twilight Lodge event has opened a new world of terror that stretches beyond the city of Arkham and places the entire universe at risk. Throughout The Circle Undone cycle, you have chased answers while being hunted by the horrors of Arkham’s evil past. With no clear divide between right and wrong, life and death, sanity and madness, you have been left to question the nature of this world and your place in it. Now, your ultimate fate is at hand and all that remains is to decide whether you will continue the fight or surrender to destiny.

The locations within this Mythos Pack take you on a cosmic journey. The Investigators will be traveling to a wide array of strange locations with each one randomly determined by fate. Each Act allows you to spend clues to draw that many cards from the Cosmos location deck and put one of those locations into play. The locations themselves don’t have set connections, but they do have requirements you must meet in order to place them.

Dancer’s Mist as an example has to be placed to the right of your current location. Otherwise, you have to lose 2 resources and you can connect it to an adjacent location in a direction of your choice.


New Bonded Cards

A new feature that has been introduced with this set is a new type of card. These cards are Bonded to other cards:

These bonded cards do not have levels and they are not available as options when deckbuilding. Rather, the cards they are bonded to will summon them into play.

Occult Lexicon would be the asset you would add to your deck during deck building. When you put it into play, you then get to add 1 copy of Blood-Rite to your hand and 2 more to your deck. Not only does this give you access to a fairly potent card with Blood-Rite itself, it also breaks some of the standard deck construction rules. In most cases, you could only have 2 copies of a single card in your deck – now you’re going to be able to essentially run 3 copies of this card. The down side is that you could lose all three copies if you have to get rid of Occult Lexicon. But for two resources, it seems like it’s worth the trade off.

In addition to these new bonded cards, Investigators are also going to get access to even more tools to get the job done. Mystics are going to get access to Sixth Sense which is a new spell card. Not only does this card put a mystic on par with a Seeker when it comes to investigating for clues, it has some funky side effects if a skull, cultists, tablet, or elder thing token is pulled. You can suddenly search two locations at once – and you get to choose which shroud value you want to combat. If you succeed, you get a clue from both locations!

Before the Black Throne poses a lot of new challenges and some interesting new mechanics. As the final Mythos Pack for the Circle Undone, it looks like this could be quite the capstone adventure!


Before the Black Throne $14.95

After your battle to close the rips in reality in In the Clutches of Chaos, you have left your city and your world behind, traveling an impossible distance, and yet you are still many leagues from the nighted throne where your ultimate foe stirs. As you are chased by your fate across the cosmos, you may be forced to bring “empty space” into play, losing the top card of your deck as you place it facedown to embody the seemingly infinite space that divides you from the rest of humanity. This is not a location, it cannot be entered or investigated, and the only way to reclaim your lost card is to fill the empty space with a Cosmos location. These impossible places, drawn from the new Cosmos deck, do not have set places they must connect to. Rather, each Cosmos card has a connecting instruction you must obey in order to place it. Torn from all you know, it may be easy to surrender to the existential dread, but even if all you can do is delay the inevitable, the battle is not over yet!

Slated for release in Q3 of 2019!

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