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Next Week’s 40K, & AoS Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Adeptus Titanicus ‘Grand Master Edition’ Returns!

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Apr 15 2019
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Adeptus Titanicus and Warhammer Underworlds arrive this week. Your wallet will be stomped into paste.

This week is all about giant axes in the dark, and titanic lances clashing during the Horus Heresy.

Warhammer Underworlds

Thundrik’s Profiteers

Ylthari’s Guardians $30

Thundrik’s / Ylthari’s Dice $10 apiece

Thundrik’s / Ylthari’s Sleeves $8 apiece


Adeptus Titanicus

Doom of Molech

Civitas Imperialis Administratum Sector $150

Civitas Imperialis Spires $35

Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Edition $290 (back in print)

Lord of the Rings

Battle Companies 2 $50

Eowyn & Merry $40

Black Library

Infantryman’s Handbook: $30

Lords & Tyrants (hardback): $27

The Imprecation of Daemons (audiobook): $17.50

Blacktalon – Firstmark (paperback): $16

Dark Imperium: Plaguewar (paperback): $16

~ Such pretty Titanicus buildings!

Author: Larry Vela
  • Dark Eldar Masterpieces, Fyreslayers, FFG Star Wars Tidalwave, and Titans Ahead!