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Dark Eldar Masterpieces, Fyreslayers, FFG Star Wars Tidalwave, and Titans Ahead!

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Apr 15 2019

What a weekend tabletop fans! Age of Sigmar Fyreslayers arrived, we see some stunning Dark Eldar showcases, FFG spills the beans at Star Wars Celebration 2019, and GW talks about next week’s releases. Bonus, you get ghost stories from Pimpcron.

Pimpcron: Warhammer Urban Legends

Pimpcron has combed the internet and done some sleuthing.

AoS: Battletome Fyreslayer Overview

The Fyreslayers have a new Battletome and are ready to light it up! Come see what’s new with the Followers of Grimnir.

40K: Top 5 Favorite M.I.A. Characters

In the Grimdark, it’s easy for characters to slip into the cracks and fade away. Here’s our list of Characters who are gone but not forgotten!

The Forgotten Power Lists Of 40K

40K has history with 8 editions and counting. Let’s take a look at the past and revisit some terrors from the tabletop.

AoS: Unboxing The Magmic Battleforge

The Magmic Battleforge is here in our studio – come take a look at this great new Terrain Kit that will stoke a fire in your Fyreslayers!

GW Pre-Orders: Fyreslayers & Chaos Characters

Chaos reinforcements are up for pre-order along with some brand new Fyreslayers goodies! Come take a look.

FFG: Big News For X-Wing/Armada At Star Wars Celebration

At Star Wars Celebration Fantasy Flight Games had a huge list of reveals for X-Wing and Armada. Here’s all the news from the Twin Suns Stage!

AoS: Unboxing The Endless Spells Of The Fyreslayers

Come join us today as we unbox the new Magmic Invocations for the Fyreslayers 2.0!


40K: Next Week – Doom Of Molech & AoS Warbands

Next week from GW: Warbands n’ Warlords, as the Doom of Molech comes to town, accompanied by several Underworlds Warbands out in the wild.

GMM Studios: Musings On Paint, and Dark Eldar Revisited

GMM Studios is back with some thoughts on the joys of painting and a revisit of some gorgeously painted Drukhari minis. Come take a look!

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