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Shape The Future Of 40K And AoS – Big Community Survey

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Apr 15 2019

The time has come to shape the future of your favorite Warhammer game. Whether it’s Age of Sigmar or 40K, the time has come to answer the GW Big Community Survey.

That’s right folks. GW has released their big community survey 2019 edition, and we are here for it. And if you’re wondering about the impact this kind of thing will actually have on the game, this is where we remind you folks that a past big survey showed GW the massive support for a new plastic Sisters army. Which seems strangely relevant. And topical too, because according to Warhammer Community, one lucky participant will win a “plastic Sisters of Battle army” once they’re out in the wild.

And ten more might win a squad of the new Battle Sisters. If you don’t fill out the survey, you know who’s going to win? Probably someone who plays T’au. So. You might want to get in on this while the getting’s good.

via Warhammer Community


The Big Survey is pretty broad in terms of its reach. You’ll find questions about how often you play, which worlds you play in, which setting is your favorite (and you have to pick one). As well as questions about how you’d like to see Warhammer-Community change. The questions also reflect some of the changes in the conversation about the community as well.

Which is good, we’re in 2019 after all. Other questions seem geared towards how people interact with the game. What events do you attend, what do you think of them, what would make you attend a tournament even if you’re disinclined to do so.

All in all there’s a lot to answer, but it only takes a few minutes. A few minutes to place your hand on the rudder of GW’s ship of state.


Take the Big Community Survey

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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