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40K: Funko POP! Collection Arriving In May

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May 1 2019

The Vinyl Invasion is starting this month – Space Marine Funko POP! figures are hitting shelves at a Warhammer Store near you!

Love’em or Hate’em – The Funko POP! Space Marine Collection is slated for arrival this month. Over the coming weeks, these Vinyl Collectibles will be available at Warhammer Stores and participating retailers. To celebrate, GW has a new announcement video:

via Warhammer Community

This collection includes a stalwart Ultramarines Intercessor, a secretive Dark Angels Veteran, a swift Blood Angels Assault Marine, and a vicious(ly adorable) Space Wolves Pack Leader.

Personally, I find it somewhat odd to release 3 loyalists and a traitor marine as a set. Maybe we’ll get a few more Chaos Marines to help balance the scales. While Funko POP! vinyls aren’t my cup’o’tea they are insanely popular. If they are your thing – good for you! While this initial set doesn’t speak to me directly, I’d like to see what else they could do with this style.

For example, some of the Xenos races could be really cool. A Ripper, Guant, or Genestealer seems like a better fit for this style. And what about Necrons, Drukarhi, or Aeldari? And hey, if Funko POP! can make vinyls for pretty much anything in pop-culture, I think Orks would have a pretty broad appeal. It’s going to be really weird if they do a cross-over for Chaos Daemons.



Funko POP! Daemonette?! I mean, they have a Hellraiser III Pinhead┬áversion – this isn’t that far off.

You know, maybe this is a match made in pop-culture heaven…or at least the Warp. I dunno. Whatever the case, the first wave is arriving this month and who knows if there will be a follow-up collection.


And I thought my plastic crack addiction was bad. Now they want me to try Vinyl?!

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