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40K Kill Team: Chaos Elites Preview

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May 8 2019

Chaos Players, your time is now. Come check out the rules for Chaos Elites in Kill Team!

Games Workshop is back with a new preview of the rules from Kill Team’s new expansion Elites. Yesterday we took a look at all the Xenos rules. Now, we’re going to dive into some of the new rules for the followers of the dark gods. Regardless if you’re a fan of Blood for the Blood God, or if you’re an instrument of change – you’re going to want to see these rules!

via Warhammer Community

Heretic Astartes

All the Legion Traits from the codex are getting tweaked and added to Kill Team. Here are just a few examples:

That’s not all either – units like Terminators, Possessed, and Khorne Berzerkers are also coming to play. Berzerkers, in particular, are going to be nasty as they are going to be able to fight twice:


And speaking of those Chaos Terminators, they are still going to pack that 2+ save along with a wide array of weapons to get the job done. Like the Reaper Autocannon:

Chaos Marines will also have a pretty huge selection of characters they will have access to – Chaos Lords and Sorcerers in Terminator Armour, Greater Possessed, Masters of Executions, Dark Apostles, and more!

Death Guard

The Death Guard will also get their legion trait – Inexorable Advance:

Their Terminators are also going to make an appearance with the Blightlords and Deathshroud joining the fray. Plus, you can count on their character options showing up too – like the Lord of Contagion. And he’s got a pretty nasty tactic too:


Thousand Sons

The Sons of Magnus are going to flex their Psychic might in the skirmish scale with their Brotherhood of Sorcerers ability:

Want to combine their Psychic power with the resilience of a Terminator? Well, you’re in luck because Scarab Occult Terminators are coming – which means Scarab Occult Sorcerers are going to be a thing. Get ready to deal with all their devastating powers and wargear:

Mission Previews

GW also teased one of the new Narrative Play Missions that you’ll be able to enjoy with this expansion:

Plus, Kill Team Elites is also adding some new Tactics so you can “deepstrike” units on to the table now as well as Outflank:


Man, this is really starting to sound more and more like regular 40k – just with fewer models!

Are you ready for Chaos to be unleashed with their Elites in Kill Team? 

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