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Warhammer Fest – The Reveals We Want To See

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May 7 2019

Warhammer Fest is happening this weekend and we know that GW is planning some big reveals. Here’s what we’d love to see at the big show!

There is a lot of anticipation and excitement around the upcoming Warhammer Fest because we already know GW is planning to drop some big news about the future of 40k, AoS, and many other games. Today, we’re going to focus on what we’d like to see at the show but instead of just throwing out some random items, we can help narrow that list down based on the schedule which they have already provided:

via Warhammer Community

Based on this schedule, we know there are going to be 4 previews for Saturday. And we can see which systems are getting some news. Specifically, 40k, AoS, Middle-earth, Adeptus Titanicus, Necromunda and Blood Bowl. And there is also a seminar about Warhammer Video Games, too. On Sunday, we’re also going to get a preview for the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness as well.

So what do we want to see from GW? Let’s dive in:

Warhammer 40,000

The Lion

We’d like to find out if there is some Dark Angel goodies in the works and hopefully clear up that rumor. Really, any news about Dark Angels would be welcome – a new Primarch model, some new units, or really something related to the state of them. The Dark Angels have been pretty active in the current story line so it would be cool to see them get some attention.

Emperor’s Children


Games Workshop just released a new Slaanesh daemon book with a bunch of cool models in AoS. The Emperor’s Children ARE the Slaanesh Marines. This seems like a pretty natural fit. Hey, if GW can make an army book for Thousand Sons and Death Guard, why not the Emperor’s Children? Also FULGRIM!

New Chaos Daemon’s Codex

Speaking of Slaanesh – when are we going to get a new Chaos Daemon’s Codex? Again, all those new Slaanesh models do have rules. And sure, the updated rules can be found in the boxes for the kit…but c’mon. This has GOT to be in the works.

Something Xenos Related

Look, I’ll take ANYTHING on the Xenos front. It would be nice to see that the non-Imperial and non-Chaos races are still a part of the game is all.

There’s lots more on the 40k front to wish-list for:

  • That New Iron Hands Character
  • That New Ad Mech Transport
  • 40k Apocalypse Rules
  • Dark Mechanicus (Nega-volt Cult from Blackstone Fortress)
  • 40k Beastmen (they have models in Blackstone Fortress, too)
  • A 40k “Dogs of War” type supplement
  • …and more

Age of Sigmar

Forbidden Power


GW has been teasing this one out and I’m really hoping we get some more solid info on this soon. It would be nice to actually get some details about this at the preview.

More Warcry Reveals

There is a LOT going on here for Warcry. We know the game has quite a few chaos factions already planned. And this teaser shot showed off quite a few more symbols for the possible warbands that also will show up. I’d love to see more models from this range – or at least some more info on what the heck this game is going to be! Is it more Kill Team or is it more Necromunda? Are we looking at a new skirmish ruleset or are we looking at a longer campaign-style game?

More Battletomes

With Looncurse up from Pre-order it seems like Sylvaneth are a logical choice to get the next Battletome 2.0 update. We already know that they have some Endless Spell-type models on the way. But what about some of the other armies? There are lots to choose from and it seems like this would be a great time to see those show up.

More Terrain Kits

GW just officially announced the Sigmar Terrain which is good news – but I really hope they keep pumping out these kits. More terrain kits that you can actually use to fight on (line of sight blocking but with flat surfaces) is a welcome addition. It also helps to build-out the world better.

Specialist Games – Lightning Round

  • Necromunda: News about those Guilds!
  • Adeptus Titanicus: A new, more cost effective starter set
  • Blood Bowl: More Teams & Star Player models

What would you like to see at Warhammer Fest? Let us know what you’re hoping GW will reveal in the comments!


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