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40K: Kill Team Elite – Chaos Legion Traits

May 12 2019

Kill Team Elites introduces a lot to the game: Elite commanders, new units, and a whole new faction–but perhaps biggest of all, chapter tactics are here.

Chapter Tactics, Legion Traits, Clan Kulturs, whatever you want to call them, the many┬ásub-faction rules of 40K are here for Kill Team. Many of them have been tweaked to better sink into the Kill Team framework. But by and large, they’re here, and they’re everything you’d hope. Today we’ve got a look at some of the Chaos Legion Traits. Let’s dive right on in.

As you can see, they’re all here. Kill Team is quickly becoming the smaller scale 40K it set out to be. It does feel more like you’re seeing squads instead of specialists–but that’s what Kill Team seems to be selling. Especially with the new tournament rules coming from GW. It’ll be interesting to see where the game is a year from now, with some major events underway. But for now, these traits look pretty cool.

What do you think of Elites? Have at it in the comments!

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