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40K Kill Team Elites: Xenos Previews

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May 7 2019

Games Workshop just dropped a TON of info on the new Elites for all the Xenos Factions. Buckle-up because it’s going to get CRAZY!

Yesterday I wondered just how much of an impact the addition of Elites were going to impact the game. Based on the reveal of the Xenos faction rules: A LOT. There are many items to chew through so we’re not going to waste any more time with pleasantries. It’s go time.

via Warhammer Community


Craftworld abilities are coming to the game. For starters we have previews of the Alaitoc and Iyanden Craftworlds up first:

We are also going to see the introduction of those Elite unit additions and the access to the tactics they are going to bring:

Illic Nightspear


Another new addition that GW focused on was some of the named characters you’ll be able to take. For example Illic Nightspear is going to cause a lot of headaches thanks to all his abilities:

Being a legendary Ranger, he’s going to come with a Cameleoline Cloak and has his custom weapon the Voidbringer:

Plus, he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve. And he’s also a level 3 specialist too.



Covens, Kabals, and Wych Cults are on the way. Get ready for Wracks, Haemonculi, Grotesques, and even Mandrakes joining in on the fun.

“The introduction of the Haemonculus Covens sees the arrival of both Wracks and Grotesques to the Drukhari kill team rosters, each offering 5+ invulnerable saves and a minimum of 3 Attacks apiece. They are reinforced by the armour-cleaving Incubii and Mandrakes. The shadowy allies of the Drukhari in particular have been highly anticipated additions to the game, and their Shrouded from Sight ability will give them a huge advantage in Kill Team.”


Not that Harlequins were having too much trouble in Kill Team, but they are getting even nastier with this expansion. Oh, and here’s just the tip of the iceberg:


The Dynastic Codes are bringing some new ways to play your Necrons in skirmish games.


And as far as heavy-hitters go, the Lychguard and Praetorians are going to be tough to kill. Packing a 4+ invulnerable saves and their deadly Warscythes, they mean business:



The Clan Kulturs are going to be represented now. That’s going to be a fun boost for the WAAAGH!

Orks will also be able to field Meganobs running around with a 2+ save as well. Or if you wanted to go more offensive, why not pack some Flash Gitz for their snazzguns:



Illic Nightspear isn’t the only character making an appearance. Boss Skinrot is on the hunt.

“Boss Snikrot also makes his debut in Kill Team as a unique Commander. As with Illic Nightspear, Snikrot is a Level 3 Legendary Hunter specialist, but he can also give nearby Kommandos a handy boost with his bespoke Aura Tactic.”

T’au Empire

Get ready for Sept rules, Enclaves, and Suits. This could be a BIG game changer for the T’au!

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits are going to be devastating in the smaller scale games. Mobile, fast, and deadly – they are going to be a big threat. Especially when accompanied by a Commander in an XV85 suit!



The Hive Fleets are prepped to NOM their way across the tabletop along with Deathleaper and a bunch more deadly options, too!

Hive Guard are going to get to use their Impaler Cannons – but they only hit on 6s if you’re not within LoS:


Deathleaper is joining the fray – but who is it after? EVERYONE!

Genestealer Cults

The GSC are brining their Creeds with them – and all their new characters. Biophaugus’ rules are teased below, but I wanted to see the Kelermorph. Have fun with that one!

WHEW – that was a LOT of reveals. I wasn’t kidding when I said this was going to shake-up the game.


What do you think of Kill Team’s latest expansion? Is this the right direction for the game to go?

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