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40K Lore: Haemonculi

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May 12 2019

They say, Loremasters, that pain is weakness leaving the body–that without pain, there can be no gain. But did you know that pain is the province of the foul xenos, and thus should be shunned?

There is no greater threat to humanity other than the alien. Well. The alien and the mutant. And the traitor–and the heretic and–among the greatest threats to humanity are the foul tools of the wretched xenos. And as you will see today, those who espouse the benefits of pain are already being corrupted by the propaganda of the filthy xenos known as the Drukhari. Pain, for them, is an artform. And what is the proper response to xenos art? The cleansing flame of the Emperor’s knowledge. Thus your lecture on Fenrisian Flea care has been postponed, Loremasters, and instead, we will discuss the Drukhari masters of pain.

The Haemonculi are those among the Drukhari who espouse the worship of pain and suffering–proclaim that the infliction of that physical torment is one of the highest arts, if not the highest. A coven of Haemonculi will gleefully create choruses of screams and wails of agony whilst taking delight in every aspect of the discomfort of anyone unfortunate enough to fall under their blades. Haemonculi are also known as master manipulators of flesh, able to create horrific monstrosities and regenerate Dark Eldar slain in battle, provided enough of the body remains. Because of this, dark eldar of status will often make pacts with haemonculi, promising them fresh captives for their cruel art in exchange for medical treatment, biological enhancements, and even being brought back from the dead.┬áLike most Dark Eldar groups they form into factions, known as Haemonculi Covens.

So great is their depravity that it is said the first Haemonculi were originally the masters of the ancient Eldar Empire. And their perversions bleed through into their fighting styles and armaments. Some Haemonculi prefer close combat over ranged combat. These Haemonculi might equip themselves with scissorhands, Animus Vitae or with more common weapons such as Venom Blades, power weapons, Agonisers, Electrocorrosive Whips, Husk Blades or Mindphase Gauntlets and might be accompanied by their own nightmarish creations known as Wracks or bulky Grotesques as a retinue. Haemonculi who prefer ranged combat over close combat (as it may be a too ordinary way to generate pain) can be equipped with Liquifier Guns, Hexrifles or Stinger Pistols.

As every Haemonculi is old, perverse, and cunning, they carry some “dirty tricks” in their tainted sleeves. Having access to arcane wargear of the Dark Eldar they might possess some really dreadful weapons such as:

Perhaps most dangerously, The Haemonculi of the Dark City are able to transcend death entirely. By means of their twisted soul-science, they often leave a small part of their essence in rune-carved caskets and extradimensional pockets, so that even should their corporeal form be vaporised they can inhabit new flesh. For a Haemonculus to be truly extinguished he must be utterly destroyed, both corporeally and spiritually.


So let that be a lesson to you, Loremasters. Pain is a weapon of the xenos–and should you find yourself exposed to it, you should take every step to be rid of it. Lest the corruption of the Drukhari claim your very soul.

No Pain – All Gain!

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