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40K: The Style Of An Ad Mech Transport

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May 6 2019
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Games Workshop has teased a brand new Ad Mech Transport for the Skitarii – but what the heck will it look like?

Over the weekend, Games Workshop put out a short teaser video for the Adeptus Mechanicus and hinted that they might FINALLY be getting a transport option:

While this video is presented in a funny manner (the nagging/dismissal finally overcome by wanting to stop getting bothered) – it does present an interesting question for the Ad Mech now: What the Heck would an Ad Mech transport look like?

Look To The Forge World

Forge World actually has quite a few Mechanicum options out there already. Design and style wise, they look distinct and different from other imperial vehicles and still have a visual similarity, too.

Note: While these vehicles aren’t necessarily transports themselves, you can see the “look” of the Ad Mech.

Mechanicum Macrocarid Explorator

You can see the Mechanicum design aesthetic here. The treads are wide and bulky. The Front has those curved “Dozer blades” which is a signature mechanicum look. The vehicle is still boxy but has some interesting curves, too.

Mechanicum Karacnos Assault Tank

Here’s yet another example of a Mechanicum Tank. The “Dozer Blade” on the front is again curved and the side of the tank look similar to a Land Raider – but distinctly different. This particular vehicle is also more of a fire support vehicle with those cool shutters for the munitions. Perhaps an Ad Mech transport will borrow some of those design choices as well.


Mechanicum Triaros Armoured Conveyer

Here is the Mechanicum’s actual transport from Forge World. The large, round side-doors. The exposed side tracks. The rounded main chassis. And the curved “Dozer blade” on the front. If GW took this look and tweaked it, it would certainly fit the army.

My question of this model would be “how do you recreate this look without just making it a different-looking rhino?” That’s more of a rules issue however. Then again, what if GW goes a different direction entirely?

Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill

The Terrax is a pretty distinct and unique vehicle. If the Ad Mech wanted a transport to really stand out from the pack, a Modified/updated Terrax would be ideal.

The Wings Of The Omnissiah

One final thought I’d like to leave you with is what if GW goes (yet another) different direction. The Adeptus Mechanicus ALSO doesn’t have a flyer option. Why not kill two birds with one transport option and make the Ad Mech transport a flyer, too? Perhaps a crazy Onithopter style transport? It could fit the aesthetic and be very different than everything else (rules wise). Remember, this IS the faction with the Dunecrawler and Dragoons. Those designs are CRAZY different than anything else – just imagine what GW could do with an Ad Mech Flyer!

They came up with this thing – what else are they baking at GW?



So what would you like to see for an Ad Mech Transport? And what would you like to see “borrowed” aesthetically from Forge World (if anything)?

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