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40K: Which Chaos God Would These Horror Movie Villains Follow

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May 9 2019

Horror Movie Villains and Followers of Chaos Gods go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly! But which flavor of Chaos are they?

We’re back with another 40k Pop Khorne – the cross section of Warhammer and Pop Culture. Today we’re taking a look at some of the greatest Horror Movie villains/monsters/anti-heroes/nightmare fuel of all time and trying to figure out which Chaos God they would follow. So grab your blankie and think about your safe place because we’re diving right in!

Freddy Krueger – Nightmare on Elmstreet Franchise

Freddy is an icon of Horror for sure – but if he was a devotee of Chaos, which god would he follow? He’s down for the killing and gore for sure. However, he really goes after people in their sleep – not exactly how Khorne likes to roll. He’s not into flames and Nurgle doesn’t like fire for it’s “purifying” results – But Freddy’s methods don’t really rely on pestilence for death. He could follow Slaanesh for his excesses and his ability to cause an excess of fear, pain, and torture. Then again, as the “star” of a long running franchise, he’s certainly got a plan and has shown a great ability to change over time.

Verdict: Slaanesh – he’s into excess. It could be gore, fear, pain, or just some of the over-the-top murders he’s caused in his victim’s sleep.

Pinhead – Hellraiser Franchise

Okay, I know everyone’s first inclination is Slaanesh for obvious reasons. But let’s work this out. Pinhead is the defacto leader of the Cenobites. He’s also fairly articulate, intelligent, and shows some fore-thought. He’s an extradimensional creature who tricks folks into playing with a puzzlebox that opens a portal to his realm – and then he harvests souls. This guy is a planner. And because of that, I think it’s pretty clear.

Verdict: Tzeentch. Yes, he’s into sadomasochism. But he has plans within plans.

Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th Franchise


Jason might be a terrible swimmer but he’s a nigh-unstoppable killing machine. He’s also not afraid to go toe-to-toe with just about anyone. You got to give him props for the fact he’s perfectly fine with a straight-up throw down. He might not be the fastest striker, but he will mess you up in melee. He avoids ranged kills and he doesn’t really play mind games (other than the creepy stalker thing). He just moves towards his targets and takes them out in brutal fashion. This ones is pretty clear.

Verdict: Khorne. Elaborate headgear? Check. Sharp object wielding skills? Check. Hates Psykers? Check. Unkillable murderbot? Check! This is pretty open and shut!

Pennywise – It (book and Movies)

Pennywise the Dancing Clown just wants to have some fun! He wants you to come to the circus, have some popcorn and have a good time. Everyone floats down here! It’s one big happy family of floating, right Georgie?¬†While that’s mostly accurate – Pennywise is also some kinda ancient cosmic evil which eats children. He feeds on their fear scoops them up. He also has the ability to shapeshift and appear as what children are afraid of most. But really, he just wants to have a good time and lives in the sewer.

Verdict: Nurgle. He’s just so darn Jolly about all the murdering he does! Plus he lives in the sewer and that’s gross, just like Nurgle.


There are LOTS more Horror movie villains we can cover but we’ve landed on 4 different baddies and they each have a patron chaos god. I feel like we’ve hit a cosmic balance and I don’t want to rock THAT boat. Plus, my chest is tight and I’ve got beads of sweat forming just thinking about these 4 – I don’t think I can handle any more scary movie monsters right now. I might lie down. Wait! No, I could fall asleep and then Freddy would get me! Oh man, what have I done…happy thoughts…happy thoughts…



What do you think? Do you agree with our assessments? Where would you stick these monsters in the chaos god follower pantheon? Let us know your favorite baddies and which chaos god they’d follow in the comments!

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