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Age of Sigmar BREAKING: Sylvaneth Battletome & Minis Spotted

May 7 2019

A new Sylvaneth battletome and some launch minis have been spotted. Take a look!

Once Loon Curse arrived we all knew it was only a matter of time until the Sylvaneth Battletome showed up.  And it looks like someone on Twitter (in Spain) just happened to walk in front of the right TV. Take a look.

via (twitter)


Now let’s put this through the BoLS Potato Camera Enhancer (P.C.E. (TM)) …

We see:

  • Battletome Sylvaneth
  • Sylvanesth Warscroll Cards
  • Sylvaneth dice
  • Eternal Spells
  • New Tree

Also, check out all that cool ruined terrain in the background… some of it is built of existing kits, some I can’t tell. Hmmm.


~The forests are alive – with the sounds of… Sylvaneth!

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