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AoS: Forbidden Power Means New Terrain And Mercenaries

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May 5 2019

Another reveal from the Australian Championships shows off what’s next for the Mortal Realms. Come take a look at the Dominion of Sigmar.

Forbidden Power is the next expansion for the Age of Sigmar, taking us through the consequences of Nagash’s big Necroquake and unleashing strange magic seals all over the Mortal Realms. You might recall a video previewing some of this a while back:

Well as the Australian Championships have just revealed, one of the big new things from the Forbidden Power expansion is an appropriately epic new backdrop to battle on. Come feast your eyes upon the marbled glory of the Dominion of Sigmar terrain set.

via Warhammer Community

The Dominion of Sigmar is a new range of super-modular, customisable and interchangeable scenery for Warhammer Age of Sigmar that lets you transform your tabletop into a battlefield worthy of the Mortal Realms’ fiercest conflicts. Think Sector Mechanicus or Sector Imperialis, but aimed at recreating the high fantasy feel of Sigmar’s kingdoms.

Each Dominion of Sigmar set can be built as a scenery piece with its own warscroll, or can be mixed and matched with other sets to build anything you can imagine. Sprawling ruins, towering ziggurats, cavernous temple complexes – these kits are designed to make recreating the Mortal Realms at your home or gaming club easy.


They’re not just for show, either – these kits have been designed with gaming in mind. You’ll find them great for adding hills, choke-points and line-of-sight blockers to your boards, leading to deeper, more tactical battles where properly using scenery can be the difference between defeat and victory!

The other big piece of Forbidden Power news is the advent of Mercenaries. These are models you can add to your army regardless of Grand Alliance allegiance. So you could run a Chaos Army and hire a bunch of Fyreslayers out of Gryfyrd Lodge, seen here:

And that’s just a small taste of things to come.

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