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AoS: Forbidden Power – New Armies, New Battletraits

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May 20 2019

Forbidden Power has two new Allegiance Armies you can muster. Come take a look at both and see what shenanigans you can get up to!

Games Workshop revealed earlier that Forbidden Power would have two new Allegiance Armies to play: The Lethisian Army and Legion of Grief. Today, we’re taking a closer look at both of these new fighting forces – specifically their new battle traits!

Lethisian Army

The Lethisian Army is a list that contains a bunch of different options for Order Players. If you’ve ever wanted to run a big alliance of Stormcasts, Idoneth, Kharadrons, and Fyreslayers – now you can!

Now, in terms of benefits, the army does have their own Battle, Command, Artefacts, and Prayers. But the Battle Trait will give you the best idea of what this army does:

What’s neat about this list is that a trio of buffs instead of one blanket improvement. Depending on the keywords the unit has, it can really swap things around. An extra +1 to hit, a +1 to Move and charge, and +1 to save rolls – these Battle Traits certainly are a mix! Just be sure to keep them all straight or you might accidentally give your Stormcasts and extra 1″ move…



Legion of Grief

This army combines many of the already formidable Death Sub-factions into one truly terrifying force. And by “terrifying” I mean they are going to mess with your Bravery stat.

It’s time to combine those walking skeletal hordes with the restless dead ghosts of the Nighthaunt. And if you want to run Mortarchs, you better pack Lady Olynder too!

The Legion of Grief army takes some key abilities from their two respective Death-style armies and mashes them up. From the Skeletons, you’re getting the Gravesite rules and the ability to heal back wounds within 9″ of those markers. From the Nighthaunt side of the house (of the dead) you’re getting the 6+ ‘Feel No Pain’ save and the hit to the enemies bravery, too. And the Command Ability is also a great way to bring units back. This army-list is sounding frighteningly good!

As far as additional Command Traits, Artefacts, and Spell Lores, you get 3 of each. And there are some pretty nasty ways to influence your opponent’s Bravery. Tragic Emanations ( a Command Trait) can ping them for a -2 at 12″ away and Shroud of Terror and subtract another D3 at 12″ away. Combine that with the Aura of Grief and, well, you get the idea. Going into a Battleshock test with a possible -6 to start is pretty bad for just about everyone.


Get ready for more fun times on the AoS front when Forbidden Power hits shelves this weekend!

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