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Aristeia Gets A Magical New Model – Fullmetal Kozmo

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May 1 2019

Magic comes to the HexaDome this week as Infinity introduces a new, fan-chosen miniature for crowd favorite, Kozmo. Come get your look at Fullmetal Kozmo, and find the magic behind the machine.

Aristeia, Corvus Belli’s MOBA-inspired battle boardgame is getting a new version of a hero to its roster. Kozmo, the remote-piloted mecha is being reimagined as a magical golem creation, whose form is ridden around by the wizard that created him. Fullmetal Kozmo obviously takes a cue from Fullmetal Alchemist and fighters like D. Va out of Overwatch. Driven by the Corvus Belli’s community, Fullmetal Kozmo brings another touch of fantasy to the HexaDome.

via Corvus Belli

Fullmetal Kozmo (May 2019) – £29.99

Corvus Belli is inspired once again by the fantasy genre to create a medieval-style Kozmo miniature powered by magic. It was no one other than the followers of Corvus Belli’s social media networks that chose to make this character the recipient of a new skin through a survey launched on Facebook and Twitter.

Alberto Abal, a partner of Corvus Belli and the developer of Aristeia! says this skin was the perfect opportunity to make a large and spectacular miniature. He states: “Fullmetal Kozmo is pure metal, and it also allowed us to focus on its little pilot, who appears on top of him in this figure. The original Kozmo can be found in the Smoke & Mirrors expansion, available at your local game store store or in the Corvus Belli online store.

About Aristeia!
Aristeia! is the new sports game, MOBA style, by Corvus Belli that allows two players to take the role of a competition team manager in the greatest visual show of the Human Sphere. Aristeia! is a creation of Alberto Abal, Jesús Fuster and David Rosillo.


About Corvus Belli
Corvus Belli has more than 15 years of experience with the design and creation of games and the manufacturing of highly-detailed miniatures. Their main product, Infinity, is a miniature wargame about futuristic combat in a sci-fi setting. At this moment, Corvus Belli has an active community of more than 20,000 players from all over the world, who receive continuous support through the different communication channels offered by the company.

Good luck Aristos!

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