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BREAKING: New Warcry Cabal Unveiled

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May 31

Warcry casts a whole new light on Chaos in the Mortal Realms, revealing new cultures and beliefs. But some cultists think Chaos is for the birds…

All of this news comes to you Straight out of UK Games Expo 2019

Warcry – The Corvus Cabal

When we said Chaos is for the Birds we meant it. Meet the Corvus Cabal, whom as you might expect have some bird parts to their models. These stealthy marauders adorn themselves in bone and talon. Knowing GW, one of the models will be called a Harrowspex or something and will use a bird talon to rip out the entrails from their victims and divine dark blessings in a deliciously ironic twist (and hey if not, that one’s free GW). But suffice it to say these models look amazing.

“Meet the Corvus Cabal – a shadowy pack of murderers hailing from Ulgu. These guys worship Chaos as a vast, black-feathered bird known as the Great Gatherer, offering trophies stolen from their victims to this strange deity.”

“The Corvus Cabal have come to the Varanspire to seek the patronage of Archaon, who they see as an avatar of the Great Gatherer. They use stealth, guile and unnatural cunning to claim victory in the Bloodwind Spoil.”


~Looks like we know who’s at the top of their pecking order!

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