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D&D: Low-Level Monsters, High-Level Fun – Kobold On An Ankheg

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May 1 2019

Why wait until level 6 to have fun? Our motley crew of over-the-top, low-level monsters will bring high-level fun to any adventure.

Most D&D campaigns never make it past level 10. All the more reason to stop messing around with the same 3 goblins ->  6 kobolds -> 1 bugbear -> 2 orcs progression that everyone goes through, and amp up your adventures with some over-the-top low-level monsters. We’re kicking this initiative off with a monster suited for a party of adventurers who are still getting their sea legs, so to speak. The following monsters were built using the basic rules and D&D Beyond’s Homebrew Tools:

Kobold Rider and Crazed Ankheg

This is an encounter with “character,” to be certain:

With a loud roaring crash, the massive, insectoid bulk of a crazed ankheg comes crashing into view–and clinging to its back for dear life, you notice a Kobold that seems to be…trying to ride it?

Take one Kobold of your choice–we’ve provided our own just above, but if you have Volo’s Guide to Monsters we recommend the Kobold Inventor so you can have a variety of options. If you prefer a tougher encounter, than you might try something like a Kobold Dragonshield or Scale Sorcerer works as well if you’d prefer a tougher/less whimsical encounter–then strap the Kobold to a (preferably out-of-control) Ankheg and go to town.

The Ankheg is clearly the bigger threat in this encounter. It’ll have the most hit points–and as long as the Kobold riding it can stay in control it should avoid the ankheg’s jaws. But if the characters can knock it off, the ankheg will chow down on the kobold just as readily, the beast is wild and hungry and ignores what the Kobold is trying to direct it to do for the most part.


The Ankheg will open with an acid spray, followed by a rampage. It will try and grapple creatures that come near, and once it has something in its jaws, it will try to burrow and escape with its prey. Once reduced to half hit points, it will try to burrow and escape as well. The Kobold, on the other hand, has every intention of mastering this beast and using it as a mount in traditional mounted combat.

Good luck, and happy adventuring!

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