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Geekery: Charles Xavier Finally Makes an Appearance in ‘Legion’

May 31 2019


The first preview for the show’s final season focuses on a character a lot of us have been waiting for – David’s dad.

The most unabashedly weird show on TV is returning this summer. Last season pushed audiences’ understanding of the boundaries of reality and time. The show has always had tendrils connected to the X-Men, the new trailer digs into the past and solidifies the connection.

Charles Xavier is played by Game of Thrones alumni Harry Lloyd. Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Bill Irwin, Amber Midthunder, Aubrey Plaza, Hamish Linklater, and Jeremie Harris are reprising their roles from previous seasons. FX haven’t released episode names or directors just yet – we still have a month for more hints to be dropped.

While watching the last two seasons I kept wondering who was the first at FX to say yes to the show when it was pitched. It’s really unconventional, and it asks a lot of its audience – two things TV execs tend to avoid, especially networks that aren’t in the premium tier. I’m glad we’re getting a final season to wrap the story up, and I hope execs and studio heads take more chances on projects like this.

The final season of Legion premieres June 24th on FX.

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