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GMM Studios: Elysian Air Cav Gallery

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May 26 2019

Hello BoLS readers!  The Elysian airplane batch is all done, and for you today a gallery full enough to make a Mechanicum priest blush.

This project was pretty special to me because the scheme is similar to a Krieg army I did many, many years ago, and being able to revisit that in my modern style and quality was a real treat.

A little extra rewarding in that regard.  The client had the basic request of tan and run through heck and back, so together we came up with a color palette that is analogous but striking and an instant classic in it’s simplicity.

The weathering is all done by hand and is a lot of fun.  I really enjoy sitting and freehanding it all.  On these large panel vehicles there is quite a large canvas to paint on openly and give character. Very relaxing and a different open challenge when compared to the other side of the spectrum, infantry.

Bases and flight stands, credit goes to Dragon Forge Design.  I’ve used them for years and every time I get a big batch of these flight stands I really appreciate them all over again. Being able to vary the heights makes photography fun and are much more solid than the basic stand.



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