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GW: A Tale of Four Daemons

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May 3 2019

With the release of the Keeper of Secrets, all four Greater Daemons are out in the wild – Let’s look at how far we’ve come!

Games Workshop has redone all the Greater Daemons and it’s hard to argue the new sculpt aren’t a vast improvement over the old ones. Just how big of a difference? Well, you tell us! Today we’re taking a quick look at the new models vs the old – You be the judge.

Khorne Bloodthirster

Old Bloodthirster

New Bloodthirster

Aside from benefiting from being all plastic, the new Bloodthirster is just like the old one – only taken to 11! Of all the Greater Daemons, this one is probably the most similar in theme. The new kit also has the benefit of having multiple options that the old one just didn’t have.

Great Unclean One

Old Great Unclean One


New Great Unclean One

Okay, you know how I said the Bloodthirster was “probably the most similar in theme?” – I take it back. The Great Unclean One is basically the old version but upped in scale and detail. The Old Great Unclean One wasn’t all that bad that begin with either, it still holds up – but maybe as a Daemon Prince or something else Nurgle related.

Lord of Change

Old Lord of Change

New Lord of Change


I don’t think these pictures do them justice. The new Lord of Change TOWERS over the old version. Again, like the Bloodthirster, it also has multiple options and you can even build Karios out of the single kit. The details on the old kit weren’t bad, but the new kit just has so much more going for it.

Keeper of Secrets

Old Keeper of Secrets

New Keeper of Secrets

This is one model that I am very excited that it got a new sculpt. I do NOT miss the old Crab-bovine hybrid and I’m glad to see it gone. So yea, I’m biased. But I can’t wait to see someone argue for the old one in this case. In my opinion, the new plastics blow the old one out of the water.

So what do you think? Which model has had the biggest improvement? Which model is the best of the lot? Do you prefer the old metal one and if so, why? Let us know in the comments!

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