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Historicals: British Transports And Team Yankee’s Tanks

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May 10 2019

This week in historical games–if you need to get your British troops somewhere, Bolt Action has options for you. Plus Team Yankee has new tanks!

That’s right friends, it’s a British Transport extravaganza this week. Grab yourself a transport, and get a free sprue of soldiers. Or if you’d prefer your conflicts to be from a more modern time, Team Yankee has a bunch of new tanks to highlight their alternate timeline wars from just a few decades ago.

via Bolt Action

British Bedford Transport – $38

79th Armoured Transport – $41

Universal British Transport – $24

Universal Desert Transport – $22.50

8th Army Morris Transport – $24

Commando Transport – $28


British Armoured Halftrack Transport – $35

Then from the folks at Battlefront, we’ve got a few new units for Team Yankee.

via Battlefront

Merkava Tank Platoon – $45

Mech Infantry Platoon – $45

AH-1 Viper Attack Helicopter Platoon (TIBX09) – $54

VCR/TH HOT Anti-tank Platoon (TQBX02) – $27


ZSU-57-2 AA Company (TQBX03) – $35

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