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D&D: Start Your Weekend With A Million Square Feet Of Dungeons

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May 10 2019

Don’t have enough dungeon? Fret no more. One mapmaker spent two weeks creating one million square feet of interconnecting dungeon maps, ready for delving.

The secret to success in Dungeons and Dragons is having the right ratio of dungeon to dragon. Ask anyone. And thanks to a hardworking redditor, Zatnikotel, you’ll never be short of Dungeons to populate with dragons. After a two week challenge (which is an insanely short time for as detailed maps as you’ll see), Zatnikotel created one million square feet of battle mat ready dungeons. This is an incredible resource, and it’s all there for you to use. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find inside.

via Reddit

There are 16 different 50″ X 50″ maps designed for use in Virtual Table Top with the usual 1″ = 5′ in-game, so it’s really easy to translate it even if you’re not using VTT. These maps are available with and without a grid, for those of you who want a visual reference for your theatre of the mind combats. Here’s a breakdown of everything:

Please remember, all of my maps, including these (and the gridded versions) are completely free (I don’t do Patreon, marketplace, etc.), it’s way to give back to a hobby that I have enjoyed so much for over 36 years. All I ask is that you don’t sell them, and you credit me wherever possible (if possible).

General breakdown of each area:

A1: River Entrance, A2: Portal, A3: Chasm, A4: Lava Caves

B1: Spider Lair B2: Underground Village, B3: River Crossings, B4: Natural Caves


C1: Swampy Roots, C2: Fungus Infestation, C3: Underground Lake, C4: Mines

D1: Roadway Passage, D2: Burrows, D3: Wizard’s Lair, D4: Tombs

If there is sufficient interest, I may expand on a few of the areas, which may change the base maps as presented here, for example, I have ideas to create a Wizard’s Tower for section D3, in such a case I will change the map here so the others I produce will make more sense. If you have any ideas for expansion or would like to see a specific area explored further, just let me know.

Let Zatnikotel’s passion for the game, and for designing maps inspire yours. We’ve included a few sample maps (specifically, maps for A4, B3, C3, and D3) but you really should check out the whole thing on their deviant art page, linked below.

As you can see, these maps are unique–they’re all meant to fit together, and you can sense a common thing, but they also feel distinct enough that you can picture who or what populates each segment. And you can definitely tell when you’re moving from one section to another. These maps are big, and so is the inspiration they bring.


Check out Zatnikotel’s ‘The One Million’ Megadungeon

Happy Adventuring!

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