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L5R: ‘The Children of Heaven’ Dynasty Pack Announced

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May 2 2019

The Fourth Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance Cycle has been announced for Legend of the Five Rings. Meet The Children of Heaven.

Fantasy Flight Games has revealed The Children of Heaven and this pack continues to explore the themes we’ve already seen in the Cycle thus far. Check out some previews below.

via Fantasy Flight Games

As political upheaval disrupts the balance in Rokugan, Courtiers are needed more than ever to stand for their clan in court. While blades on the battlefield can turn the tide of the conflict, it is the courtiers and politicians of Rokugan who can use their power to enact massive changes in the Emerald Empire, and those who have the Emperor’s ear can shift the entire balance of Rokugan.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Children of Heaven, the fourth Dynasty Pack of the Inheritance cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Scorpion Clan Card Previews

Emissary of Lies a Character who’s ability rests on your opponent’s ignorance of your hand. It has the potential to really mess with your opponent – as long as you’re willing to give up some information to do so. It would be very interesting to see this card used within a deck that maintains an empty hand somehow…


And speaking of empty-handed, Unspoken Etiquette is a mean card! With this card, it’s possible to dishonor multiple opposing characters in a political challenge. That’s going to sting for sure.

Dragon Clan Card Previews

Are you in need of a military boost? Rising Stars Kata will pump-up your Dragon Clan Unique Characters by 3 in military conflict – or by 5 if they have already won a duel this conflict! That’s pretty freaking scary pull-out in a pinch!

The Truthseeker messes with the decks in the game. Interestingly enough, you can target you can even target your opponent’s decks, too.

Neutral Card Previews

Hantei Daisetsu is another member of the ruling family. Because of this, other characters are more than happy to defer to him, which can be detrimental to your opponent’s plan! His ability allows you to “blank” an opponent’s character’s text box. That can quite literally shut down a card.


Overhear is another neutral card that allows you to shove your opponent’s cards back into their conflict deck – and if you want to give your opponent some honor, you can do it again! That can be risky, but it can also prevent some nasty surprises for you!

The Children of Heaven $14.95

The Children of Heaven continues the themes of the Inheritance cycle by focusing on the Courtiersof Rokugan, able to dominate political conflicts with ease.  Also look for a new Crab province that becomes stronger the more times it is attacked, a new Phoenix event that allows you to overwhelm your opponent with Spells, and a Scorpion event that can dishonor multiple characters at once.


The Children of Heaven is up for Pre-order now from FFG!

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