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Monsterpocalypse: Hammerklak Attack

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May 16 2019

From beneath Earth’s mantle the Subterran Uprising has emerged! We’re taking a look at the newest Destroyer monster coming to a city near you!

Hammerklak is the latest Monster for the Destroyer Agenda and the first model for the Subterran Uprising Faction.

Assembly was nice and easy, no major flash issues.

Getting some great Underminer vibes from this faction.

I’m always beneath you! But nothing is beneath me!

Let’s take a look at what Hammerklak can do!

Alpha Form

Hammerklak has got some serious speed going on! SPD 7 with High Mobility is already great, but with Action: Sprint Hammerklak can make another 3 space advance. For even more movement craziness you can bring along a Task Master for +1 SPD and/or Mount Terra for an additional 2 space advance. Keep in mind that with every advance you get 1 diagonal, which means Hammerklak is going to be traversing across the entire city with ease.

Cloak РShooting at things underground is hard! Enemies are going to need to get close to shoot this Monster. For units that might mean giving Hammerklak a great Stomp or Rampage attack in return.

Crunch – Every time you roll a double strike on an Action die, Hammerklak will do an extra damage! In many cases, this will be a nice bonus damage if it happens, but spending tons of Action dice each turn cuts down on your ability for back to back Monster activations. If you do find yourself with extra Action dice or if you just need one more crucial damage point, you can load up on Action dice and try for the super damage. With just 4 dice you have a 51% chance of getting that extra damage and with the full 6 dice, it becomes 66%.


Side Step – This will punish your enemies for a miss, causing them to spend more dice on all their attacks to ensure you can’t move away.

Tunneler – An excellent ability, both in fluff and rules. Hammerklak bring allies through his tunnels, allowing them to move easily throughout the city! This works for both Units and Monsters. Gorghadra and Deimos both really appreciate the assistance of High Mobility.

Hyper Form

In Hyper Form Hammerklak picks up some additional dice, +1 DEF and Power Gorge on all attacks. Trading Tunneler and Cloak for Energy Cycle. Hammerklak joins Armodax on the list of never having a Blast attack.

Hyper Form Hammerklak uses his dice very efficiently. With 6 Blue dice on every attack and Energy Cycle your base attacks will almost always start with 2 Action Dice and 6 Blue Dice. This allows you to not need quite as many Power Dice, and with Power Gorge you’ll be gaining Power Dice every time you destroy a model. After the attack, Energy Cycle will let you get an Action Die back.

Energy Cycle combos nicely with the Crunch ability, assuming you are always rolling 2 Action dice, all of Hammerklak’s attacks have a 30% chance of doing super damage.

In this form Hammerklak can use up to 9 Action dice on an attack, giving you an 80% to get that super damage. Again, not something you are probably doing every turn, but late games can often come down to that 1 extra damage.


Wrap Up

Overall Hammerklak is a very solid Monster, with great stats and abilities. There is also a rumor that late this year we might be getting some Subterran Uprising units!

Also, if you are looking for some painting inspiration, check out this episode of ‘Get Your Paint On!’ from Privateer Press.

What do you think of Hammerklak, who do you think pairs best with this underground menace?

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