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Next Week From GW – Kill Team Elites And 40K Funko Pop!

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May 5 2019

GW has announced next week’s new releases–no Chaos Knights or Sylvaneth in sight, but there are some Elite forces for Kill Team coming.

Next week is all about the Elites. Whether Kill Team’s Elite expansion, which features some famous faces–a veritable who’s who of 40K, Sly Marbo and Snikrot to name two–or the elite warriors of the Funko Chapter of Space Marines, there’s a squad for you. Let’s start with the Kill Team expansion–Elites adds a lot more than just big, hard-to-kill models to the game.

via Warhammer Community

This hotly-anticipated expansion brings some of the heaviest hitters in the Warhammer 40,000 universe to the skirmish battlefield, from Chaos Terminators and snazzgun-toting Flash Gitz to the towering Wraithguard of the Aeldari and the legendary warriors of the Custodian Guard!

And if that wasn’t exciting enough already, there are also powerful new Commanders – including a nigh-unkillable Lord of Contagion and T’au Commander in VX85 Enforcer Battlesuit – as well as some legendary operatives in the form of Boss SnikrotIllic Nightspear and Sly Marbo!

In addition to the Elites you’l find some new subfaction rules, including examples of Chapter Tactics, Drukhari Obsessions, and more. There are three new boxed sets that introduce the new expansion. As usual you’ll find a sample Kill Team and a set of terrain.


If you’re looking to jump right into this new expansion, there are three new Kill Team sets, each boasting a famed – and highly elite – kill team, with their own background, skills and equipment (though you can also build them as you see fit to make your own kill team).

These first three Elite kill teams are the Flash Gitz of Toofrippa’s Krew, the Death Guard Terminators of the Dolorous Strain, and the Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators known as the Fractal Blades.

And if you want bigger, better models–check out the Funko Pop! collection


Be on the lookout for previews of new rules and more over the next week.

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