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ToyLand: Flash! Ah-ah Now Available in 1:6 Scale Action Figure Form

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May 22 2019


These new figs from Big Chief Studios celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the hit cult film. These fully articulated figs feature detailed likenesses of Sam J. Jones as Flash and Max Von Sydow as Ming.

Flash Gordon was created to compete with Buck Rogers in the mid 1930s. It’s a space opera with evil sorcerers, kings and queens, intergalactic battles, and plenty of adventure. The books have been translated into stage and radio plays, live action and animated TV shows. It was also made into a gloriously campy movie in the early 1980s with a soundtrack by Queen.

You’re going to have the song stuck in your head all day…. I’m not exactly sorry for that.


Flash Gordon Saviour of the Universe£229.99 (~$293.00)

  • 1:6 Scale Figures (12″ tall)
  • Signature Edition: 500
  • Signature Plaque Autographed by Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon)
  • Flash Gordon Portrait Head Featuring Authentic Likeness of Sam J. Jones
  • Anatomix Muscle Body with Specially Developed Torso
  • Vest with Mongo Emblem
  • Pair of Trousers
  • Belt with Gold Buckle
  • Pair of Black Military Boots
  • Interchangeable Hands x 8
  • Ming’s Guard Sword
  • Hawkman Hand Grenade, Pistol, and Rifle
  • Printed Display Backdrop and display Base with Illuminating Character Name Plaque


Ming the Merciless Emperor of Mongo£229.99 (~$293.00)

  • 1:6 Scale Figures (12″ tall)
  • Limited Edition: 800
  • Ming the Merciless Portrait Head Featuring Authentic Likeness of Max Von Sydow
  • Anatomix Body with over 30 points of Articulation
  • Ceremonial Outer Robe with Detailed Embellishments
  • Inner Silk Effect Tunic Robe
  • Pair of Silk Effect Trousers
  • Sculpted Collar
  • Pair of Red Dress Boots
  • Interchangeable Gloved Hands x 8
  • Prince of Ardentia Sword
  • Glass Chalice
  • Printed Display Backdrop and Base with Illuminating Character Name Plaque


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