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40K Apocalypse: Chaos Marines Faction Focus

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Jun 18 2019

Games Workshop is continuing their previews for Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse – this time it’s Chaos!

The Chaos Space Marines are under the harsh glare of the GW spotlight today with more Apocalypse news. While this new ruleset is still somewhat of a mystery, the new Chaos preview is shedding more light on how the game plays out. But before we get into all that – let’s just take a look at the small sample of Heretic Astartes goodies that are heading our way.

via Warhammer Community

Chaos Space Marines offer loads of choices when it comes to how you want to play them. Let loose your inner Warsmith and feed hordes of Cultists into the meat grinder, unleash terrifying hordes of Daemon Engines under the command of the malefic overlords of the Word Bearers, or launch devastating high-speed assaults with RaptorsWarp Talons and Chaos Bikers – the choice is yours!

Chaos Space Marines are getting access to a new Faction ability that is looking pretty spicy: Let the Galaxy Burn.

Now it’s unclear if this ability is something needs to be activated or if it’s “always on” – if the latter is the case then watch out for Chaos! Keep in mind, based on the weapon profiles we’ve seen so far, we know that the “To-Wound” roll now uses a D12. That ability still seems strong – but it’s a 1/12 chance not a 1/6. Statistically speaking, that’s a big deal.

Unit Previews

Next up, we have a look at The Warmaster himself – Abaddon! If you’re looking for a leader to guide your forces to victory, Abaddon makes a strong case. Who doesn’t like re-rolls to hit and immunity to morale tests?


On top of all that, Abaddon has a VERY impressive save thanks to his Dark Destiny. It’s a 3+ die roll to save for him…on a D12!!!

It wouldn’t be Apoc without some big models on the tabletop and for Chaos Space Marines, one of the BIGGEST is the Khorne Lord of Skulls. This brutal daemon engine has a pretty mean trick up it’s sleeve. It’s Unending Rage means that it’s going to get to unload with it’s attacks:

While we still aren’t 100% clear how the damage will be handled with those blast/damage markers, we DO know that damage is resolved at the end of the phase. So when the Lord of Skulls takes damage, it gets meaner and meaner! Until it’s dead of course. If you start damaging the Lord of Skulls, you better be able to kill it or you might be in some serious trouble.

Command Assets

One of the Command Assets that GW showed off was a new Heretic Astartes Psychic Power: Delightful Agonies.


This ability is very similar to the Lord of Skull’s Unending Rage, however, it’s only usable if you have a Slaanesh Psyker and it must also target a friendly Heretic Astartes Slaanesh unit within 36″ of the Psyker. It adds 1 attack characteristic for each damage marker on it.

Another hint we got was the Black Legion detachment Command Asset “Black Crusaders” which:

“lets a Black Legion Detachment Advance up the table, Shoot their foe, then Fight in the same activation…”

If you can’t normally do all of those things in the same activation then I can see this ability being pretty useful. If this was regular 40k, being able to Advance and Charge or Advance and shoot is pretty good. But for Apoc, it sure sounds like you can do all three with Black Crusaders.


What do you think of The Chaos Space Marines for Apoc? It’s not much to go on – but are you excited?

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