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40K: Apocalypse Design Team Talks Shop

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Jun 17 2019

The Apocalypse Design Team is breaking down what makes Apocalypse different from your standard 40k game!

Games Workshop has pulled the curtain back on 40k: Apocalypse and really shown-off a bunch of the goodies coming to the game. But that’s not all they have teased. GW has also dropped some pretty big clues about how the game will be played. Here’s the video with Robin Cruddance and Stuart Black explaining the differences between Standard 40k and Apoc:

The Breakdown

  • Mass Battle Game, built on the 40k game system – but different ruleset! If you play 40k, you’ll pick this version up very quickly
  • Quicker, Faster, and better suited to the “scale” of battle
  • More “Alternating” game type – less down time for player to stand around and wait for their opponent to finish
  • Damage is applied at the END of the turn
  • “Blast Markers” used to track which units have taken damage and will cause damage at the end of the turn
  • Data Cards for EVERY SINGLE UNIT in 40k – available at launch for Free
  • Command Asset Cards – 300+ cards to unleash “Apocalyptic Hell” upon your opponent’s forces
  • Game is Detachment Based – “Kill Team is model based, 40k is unit based, Apoc is Detachment based”
  • On your turn you activate a Detachment – you move, shoot, fight, etc. Then your opponent does the same thing
  • Uses a similar Mission Generator to the Open War Mission Generator – Tables you can roll on for all the mission details (map, twist, mission objective, etc.)
  • Terrain/Warzone Effects can directly impact how you play missions

Some of the information is older – like damage getting applied at the end of the turn. But a lot of that info is new in the video. The turns being more “alternating” does sound pretty interesting! Lots of folks have been asking for some type of Alternating Activation system for 40k for a very long time – this might be GW testing how that would work, only on a much larger scale!

Personally, I’m really looking forward to how this system is going to shake-out. If nothing else, it will be a perfect excuse to field entire collections of miniatures on the tabletop in massive battles. I can get behind that! And since the system is using a similar detachment setup, translating 40k army lists into Apoc army lists should be a breeze. Sounds like it’s time to start organizing an Apoc Weekend!


What are you most excited about for Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse’s new edition?!


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