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40K Apocalypse: The Orders Of Apocalypse

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Jun 22 2019

40k Apocalypse is introducing a big change with the Orders Phase – let’s take a look at what the orders are that you can execute!

Games Workshop has rebuilt Apocalypse from the ground up and while the DNA is still Grimdark, the basics of the game have really changed from previous versions of this game. Apoc isn’t just going to be 40k – but bigger. This time around, GW has really redsigned a lot of the basics and today we’re focusing on the Orders you can issue to detachments in Apocalypse.

Orders are issued during the Orders Phase of the game. When you issue orders, you’re issuing those Orders to entire Detachments at a time. Players alternate issuing orders in secret to each of their detachments. These are signified by placing the Order token face down next to the Detachment’s Commander. There are only three different orders you can issue to your forces and those are what we’re focusing on today.

Aim Fire Order

Aimed Fire prevents units from moving but offers a bonus to shoot rolls when using the Shoot Action. Now, we don’t know exactly what this bonus will be yet but it better be pretty significant because Aimed Fire also has a drawback: If you are are engaged in melee combat, you also take a negative to your to hit rolls in close combat!

Assault Order

Of all the orders, this is perhaps the most straightforward – literally! You can move up to double your movement stat and then make a Fight Action if you’re in base-to-base with the enemy. When you need to get across the board quickly, this is the order for you. And if you’re planning on punching then enemy’s forces then it’s DEFINITELY the order for you.

Advance Order


Units that have been issued the Advance Order may Move and that can either make a Shooting Action or Fight Action (if they are in base-to-base with an enemy unit). And if you’re a Super Heavy unit, you can do BOTH!

Those are the 3 basic orders that you can issue to your Detachments. When you’re list building for Apocalypse, it’s going to be important to keep these order in mind because the entire Detachment has to carry out the order. So, it might be better to make the entire Detachment close-combat units if you’re planning on issuing a lot of Assault Orders.


What do you think of the Orders and the Order system in Apocalypse so far?


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