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40K: Asuryani In The Apocalypse

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Jun 23 2019

The Apocalypse news continues to roll out–and now we’ve got a look at the Asuryani and the deadly grace they bring to the battlefield. Here we go.

That’s right folks, it’s an all-out apocalypse this weekend, and in the wake of the Ad-Mech’s new Skorpius Disintegrator announcement, we’ve got the swooping curves and wraithbone constructs of the Asuryani to go through. With powerful psychic Command Assets and an overall focus on mobility, there’s a lot the Craftworld Aeldari have to offer, so let’s dive on in.

via Warhammer Community

Fast. Deadly. Graceful. The Asuryani – also known as the Craftworld Aeldari – are an incredible army in Apocalypse and the subject of today’s Apocalypse Faction Focus! Read on for a look at their play style, top units, and a couple of deadly Command Assets to whet your appetite.

As you might expect, Battle Focus is a big part of the army. In Apocalypse, it keeps the army mobile, playing off of the way the Assault order works. Normally an Assault order lets you move at double speed, followed up with a fight. The Asuryani, instead, get to move at double their speed and follow up with a shoot action using Small Arms. So you can keep your armies at the distance you want, while keeping up the pressure with your weaponry.

And lest you think that Small Arms will limit you to things like Shuriken Cannon or the like, D-Scythes and Wraithcannons are counted as Small Arms, and boast some pretty deadly stats.


Meanwhile, the Wraithguard’s bigger brother, the Wraithknight, has a deadly weapon in the form of the Titanic Ghostglaive, which appears to  be exactly as powerful as Roboute Guilliman’s sword.

But this wouldn’t be a look at the Asuryani without dipping into Psychic Powers. Here’s a look at Doom, a classic Aeldari power reborn as a Command Asset:

And funnily enough, this one works exactly the same as its 40K Counterpart. And a few familiar stratagems make the jump as well, like Swordwind, which lets you empower Biel-Tan units to get two hits instead of one with each hit–or if you’re lacking Biel-Tan units, you can reroll a hit roll instead.

And that’s just a taste of the Asuryani in Apocalypse. Stay tuned for more as we get closer to launch day next weekend!


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