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40K Flashback: Apocalypse Death Guard Pre-Heresy Baneblade

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Jun 24 2019


With Apocalypse around the corner and the Baneblade just re-released, I wanted to take a look way back to my first and beloved project – a Death Guard “Fell”blade.

This tank is 12 years old now, but was a labor of love. As you all hopefully know, I’m a 30k/40K Death guard fanatic. I originally started modeling back in my youth with scale military models, so when the big super detailed Baneblade kit arrived, I knew it had to be my army centerpiece.

I also knew I wanted it to look like it was a banged up Fellblade on campaign with the Legion back during the Great Crusade. So I cracked the books, and found a paint scheme that worked, and added a lot of little “diorama details” along the way.



It’s a Death Guard Fellblade in its original Legion colors, just like in the Horus Heresy art books.

She is all scuffed up and loaded down with supplies for a lengthy campaign, proper Death Guard style. As far as I can tell, the Baneblade kit has about a billion rivets. I won’t be doing another one of these…thats for sure 🙂  I hand lined each rivet using a .005 liner pen (a godsend and huge time saver).   Many of the numbers and decals came from a large German WW2 kit, and the Death Guard decals are custom made by myself.


For the more recent hobbyists, remember that this was way back before the Horus Heresy series was kicked off by GW, so there was scant references to go by. Mainly the old Horus Heresy CCG game, and ancient EPIC books.

Back in those days the difference between the Baneblade and Fellblade was hazy and contradictory, years before the Forge World kit arrived and cleared things up. We ran this with homebrew Fellblade rules beck then, but today it would be a mere Legion Baneblade.

I really enjoyed all the little details like the ammo crates, gas cans, packs, radios, and tarps thrown all over this model.

-What do you guys think – should I do another one, or is the army big enough?




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