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40K: Funko POP! Painting Challenge: The Badab War

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Jun 12 2019

Funko POP! and Games Workshop are releasing a “Paint Your Own” Intercessor – so why not go for a crazy paint scheme? If you’re up for a challenge…

In case you missed the announcement yesterday that GW and Funko POP! are releasing an unpainted Primaris Intercessor, now you know!

via Warhammer Community

The POP! is set for a June 29th release during Warhammer Day – GW’s global celebration of all things Warhammer. Check with your local FLGS and/or Games Workshop/Warhammer Store to see if they are participating.

The Painting Challenge

Anyway – here’s the reason we’re actually excited about this particular POP! It’s Unpainted. Which means you can paint it anyway you want it, if you’re so inclined. And here at BoLS, we do enjoy that aspect of the Hobby and a larger miniature like this presents some interesting challenges and opportunities. It’s a challenge because with that much surface area, you can’t quite “cheat” the way you can with the smaller miniatures (If you’ve ever tried to use a Wash on a large vehicle and the results weren’t quite the same then you know what I mean.) So painting something with this many large, open, and curved surfaces is going to take a bit more work.

On the flip side, the opportunities are wide open! There are countless Space Marine Chapters once you get into folk’s custom chapters. And even if you don’t there are hundreds of official ones, too. There was no way that GW and Funko POP! were going to create Marines for each and every one – not to mention the different companies for each. So now you can literally paint your own.

So what’s the challenge? Well, anyone can do a color scheme from one of the chapters in the Space Marines Codex or their off shoots. So why not try something completely different? Why not do something from ages past and something that will really set your POP! a part from others? Why not accept the Badab War Painting Challenge?!


Here’s the list of all the chapters that participated in the Badab War. They have some pretty out there color schemes! But wait, these are too easy…Let’s get REAL old school.


YEAH! Now we’re talking.  The Challenge is simple – pick one of these old school Badab war color schemes and paint up your Funko POP! There are some really challenging paint schemes on this page folks. But hey, it’s not like you’re going to have to paint an entire army of Funko POP! Marines – it’s just one figure. And hey, I know that the Funko POP! is an Intercessor instead of a regular Space Marine, but c’mon – that just sounds like a nit-picky excuse to NOT accept the challenge!

So – are you up for the challenge? Will you attempt to paint a Funko POP! in the colors of one of the Chapters that fought in the Badab War and kick-it old school?



The Unpainted POP! will be in stores and available online June 29th – you’ve got some time to prepare…

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